Business Processes You Can Outsource

Any company that is keen on streamlining its processes as well as decreasing overhead costs should consider outsourcing. Cut-throat competition and advancement of technology that demands for reduced costs and increased productivity has enabled most business processes to be outsourced. However, it is important for a business to conduct extensive research to establish if outsourcing is suitable for it and the precise processes that they require to outsource.

There are several business processes that can be outsourced, the following are the main ones:

Finance and accounting services
Payroll services and tax preparation are some of the services that are commonly outsourced with regard to accounting. It is quite simple to outsource these because they have standardized techniques that accounting professionals from all over the globe can relate to. These services involve heavy paperwork that is difficult for some people. Making even a small mistake in these activities like an erroneous inclusion or an omission can result in small penalties to even full audits. In addition, during tax seasons, businesses will require tax preparation services hence will be required to outsource certain services. However, such services should only be outsourced to trusted companies because they involve sharing sensitive documents like financial standings or wage records.

Human resource services

This is also referred to as Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This process involves companies contracting part of their recruitment activities or all of it to external parties. It is the external party that is now charged with all recruiting activities. This process is commonly outsourced because it saves companies both money and time that would have otherwise been utilized in the recruitment process. Furthermore, it is easier since most outsourcing service providers for HR have large pools of candidates that they can select from. These companies have specialized in the process of recruitment thus making them more thorough.


This is a process that can be outsourced. A business might own expensive cameras but that is not enough because an expert photographer is required. These are professionals who will take good shots at the right time and these will be used to elevate the business. In addition, cameras are being upgraded as well as being devalued by the day, this is an unnecessary cost to a business hence outsourcing is a wise move.

Contact center services

These services comprise of help desks, call center services and telemarketing. They are offered in association with managing customer interaction and customer support via the phone for outbound and inbound calls. These services also include offering customer support via instant messaging, emails and social media.

Healthcare services

These include diagnostics, scanning, coding, medical billing as well as other healthcare services. There are numerous outsourcing firms that are willing and able to perform these activities for minimal pay and without compromising on the quality. This is why it makes perfect sense to outsource them. Just ensure that the outsourcing company is good because medical information is as sensitive as financial information.


The processes that a business can outsource are many but certain factors have to be carefully analyzed before taking the plunge. Some of them include the financial implications, third party vendor reputation, time for contract negotiation, relationship with third party vendor etc. Nonetheless, it is a sound business move for those that need it because it attract financial savings.

Image Credit: Pixabay