How to Find Good Wood Furniture

Choosing wood furniture is beyond just choosing it for its aesthetics. One of the major problems you would face is finding the quality of wood. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks as most of the cheaper alternatives appear like the ones that are made from quality construction. You would want to be sure on what you are getting before you purchase your furniture.

How to find Good Wood Furniture

Are you looking for high quality furniture in Virginia Beach? There are a few points that can help you clearly differentiate between fake wood and a good wood. Of course, you would need the experiences of an expert to thoroughly understand the minute differences, but the tips here should aid you in better understanding. You can find good wood furniture in Virginia Beach If you take a look at the following tips provided by some professionals we talked to.


Go with solid wood furniture. You may be tempted at the appearance of the furniture with the particleboard or aluminium frames. But when it comes to longer life and quality, nothing can beat solid wood.

One of the common issues you may find with the furniture construction is the use of veneer. Avoid everything that comes with veneer. Another important point you should pay attention to is the angle at which the wood is sliced. If you want your wood furniture to be effective and durable, avoid everything that is flimsy and made with cheap materials.


The finishing involves three major aspects. The sanding stains and finishing are a few factors you would need to give attention to. The furniture should have no exposed wood, stain and finish color.

In fact, the color and final finishing does have a great bearing on the look of the furniture. Just change the staining from cherry to black and you will find a whole lot of difference. If you really want your furniture to last longer, you should ensure that it is dent and scratch resistant. You can check whether or not it dents by scratching with a fingernail in an unexposed area.

Fabric Used

If you are going for the upholstered furniture judging the quality may not be quite as easy as most of the frame can be covered by fabric. Ensure that the salesperson is capable of answering all your questions with respect to make sure that it is truly a quality product you are buying.

Fabric can look great if it is lightly colored. It should ideally be the best option for your living room or bedroom. However, the choice of the color of fabric will be better decided by the frequency of usage. If you are using the furniture on a regular basis, we would suggest opting for a darker color of the fabric. In case the furniture comes with removable cushions, unzip them and have a look. The fill can either be full or loose. If it has loose fill, ensure that the cushion comes with more than one compartment. This will help the fill from settling in one particular corner.

The Look

Make sure of the look of the wood furniture. If the furniture has a uniform look, it may be an indication of a combination of different woods joined together with Veneer or another similar component.

Solid wood can be identified by the look of it. If it is truly solid wood furniture,than it will look that way to your naked eye as well as to the touch. The natural imperfections are what you should look for. The veneer is used to remove the imperfections of the natural wood and give it a uniform appearance. But, wait – as we have already indicated, the solid wood is what would provide the much needed durability to your furniture. Man made or artificial wood will never be able to last that long.

The Color

No matter what kind of finishing has been used for the furniture, you should be able to witness that subtle look of the real wood. Check out if the furniture you have chosen does have that natural real color of wood, what your perceives as natural.

If you cannot make out the difference, you can have someone who understands the differences come with you when you go shopping for the furniture. The grain will be visible in the case of natural wood, even with the finishing, sanding and staining being done. In fact, the natural color is what gives a natural look to your furniture when finished.

Closing Thoughts

That was what should help you differentiate good wood furniture from the artificially created one. Opting for the real wood furniture comes with its own set of benefits. In addition to providing the much needed natural look, you will also be blessed with the confidence of not having to shop for your furniture for a long period of time. Even if you want to sell it, you will end up getting a better price even after using it for several years.