6 Things You Can Do With Your Junk Car

Most cars have a very long life. It’s common to see car owners getting attached to their vehicles and not wanting to part with their precious vehicles. After all, this is that one thing which holds all those memories – family trips, long drives and the lot. Most cars become old and unsuitable for modern day roads after ten years. However, before you send your car off to the scrapyard, there are a number of things you can do. If you’re wondering what could possibly be done with a lot of scrap metal, we’re here to bring to you six things that you can do with your junk car. Read on!

1. Donate To Charity

Donating your vehicle can help you receive a tax cut. When your tax returns arrive, the amount of tax that you need to pay will be significantly reduced, as your car will be donated for a good cause. Look for organisations that allow you to donate cars. A number of charities have such provisions. Get in touch and go through the procedure carefully. You’ll manage to get better sleep when you know you have done something nice for society!

2. Reuse Its Parts

A car that doesn’t run is useless. No it isn’t, if you take its parts and decide to make good use of them. It is only advisable to do this if you know how to beat the metal out of your old banger and flatten it into sheets or whatever you want to use it for. Car engine parts are also in demand among workshop owners – you can take the engine and sell it off. Themetal and other components can effectively serve various household purposes.

3. Sell It Off – Whole Or In Parts

The third thing you can do is sell off your car. There are two ways to approach this solution. The first could be to remove the parts and sell them individually. The other option is of course to advertise the vehicle online and sell it off. Alternatively, you could give it off to a local mechanics school. They will use it to train their students.

4. Approach The Dealers

Approach a few car dealers – do your own research or ask a suitable acquaintance to help you look for one. Some dealers can change the car’s vital parts or damaged portions to turn it over and make it sell for a profit. Others may use the car for various purposes – but you need not worry about that. Selling it off to a dealer could get you some cash. I know from experience that you can get cash for cars removal in Perth easily.

5. Exchange The Parts

Some cars can run fine if a few replacements are made. If you really think your old car is worn out, get a mechanic to check its parts and give you a report. Based on this, look for replacements. Getting the car running fine isn’t that difficult after all – especially if you have some attachment to your vehicle, you just need a few fixes to get it running smart and smooth!

6. Get Creative

This is probably the most interesting. Some people have great ideas and end up making art out of their cars. You could join the league too! If you have a pond or something, remove any hazardous parts or fluids from your car, and make it an underwater attraction. That should work as a natural habitat for fish. Other people paint their cars and just let them stay on their properties as works of Art

There’s so much you can do. If you have a car that you want to send off very soon, why not try out something from the list above?