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Given that after the age of 13, men spend the majority of their live shaving, it would be sensible to make this a good experience. This is true especially as some struggle with issues that arise naturally – and others simply because they choose the wrong shaver.

It is not surprising that so many men have skin problems, especially given that the world is flooded with poor quality shaving products that people buy in order to save a few pennies. As many sophisticated men will confirm: Once you’ve chosen the right shaver, many skin problems are under control.

Choosing the right shaver for you:

With more than 3 billion men on earth and more than 1000 shaving products ranging from electric shavers to manual blades, trial and error is perhaps not the easiest way to select a shaver. Shaver Guru has sought to make this process easier for men around the world. It has taken only the best-selling electric shavers and reviewed them in-depth. Let’s face it: if you start with the top 10 or even top 5 shavers in the world and then narrow down the selection, you have a much better chance of identifying the best electric shaver.

Is dry shaving for you?

The first step is to determine if you’re more at ease with an electric shaver or manual blade. IT is true that most men who use a high quality electric shaver are happy to opt for dry shaving. That said, it is easy to become used to special shaving foam and therefore not opt for dry shaving. However if you use good after-shave products, it is easy to move away from wet shaving as you will obtain additional skin nutrition from after-care products, as opposed to your typical shaving creams.

What are the characteristics of a good electric shaver?

With so many great shaving brands, you’d be pleased to know that there are some common characteristics that defines a good shaver. The ease of shaving usually increases as the distance of the blade to skin decreases: old technology where the blade is far from the skin is painful as it has to plug the hair from a distance, whereas new technology will cut the hair off close to the skin. Then another key issue is heat: a sophisticated device will remain cool and not burn the face.

The top choices right now:

The best shavers constantly evolve and you can expect to see changes to the top 5 list all the time as brands compete for dominance in this sphere. Right now, various credible sources and Shaver Guru identified the Braun series 9 as the best shaver, followed by the Braun series 7. In third place it lists the Philips Norelco 9700, followed by the Panasonic Arc. It is notable that the top 10 positions are all dominated by three brands: Braun, Philips and Panasonic.

Shaver comparison by Shaver Guru:

Things to remember:

Each man is different. You can start by using a good shaver comparison service, but then you should narrow down your choice by trial and error.

Choosing an amazing shaver is just the start, but it is certainly not a replacement for good after care. Your skin has natural oils, which means that preparing for shaving does require good cleaning for an optimal experience.