Why SocialEnvy Is A Scam And You Should Avoid Using Them At All Costs

For those of you who have never heard of SocialEnvy, I’ll provide a brief description of its purpose — at least according to its creators. SocialEnvy is supposed to affordably and effectively increase one’s social presence on Instagram by growing their number of followers every day.

Upon first glance, the service may seem enticing, especially to novice Instagram users who want to develop a substantial follower base quickly or small/local businesses searching for an affordable way to improve their advertising. However, I’ll soon explain to you why you should never trust them.

Why don’t you do a quick Google search of SocialEnvy? Aside from the link to the service’s website, the first thing that might grab your attention is a Quora post titled “Is the Social Envy Instagram growth service a scam?” For such an article to be popular enough to make the front page of links from a simple internet search of the service, you should already have some doubts about the credibility and effectiveness of SocialEnvy.

But if you still aren’t convinced, why don’t you try reading some of these negative responses from people that have tried the service themselves. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of unhappy accounts from dissatisfied customers of SocialEnvy, just as I did. For example, one business owner compared his results from using SocialEnvy to those from when he actively expanded his Instagram account himself.

The results from this user showed a constant linear increase in followers by his own work, while SocialEnvy gave him an initial spike in follower growth that quickly plateaued to almost nothing over time. However, what’s even more disappointing is the difference in interactions, as in likes, between the new followers gained through these methods.

In any given month, the followers gained through the organic method liked the user’s posts at least twice — and at some points almost eight times — as much on average than the followers gained through SocialEnvy did. To put it simply, SocialEnvy not only tricks customers by providing a misleading initial boost in follower count, but it also proves to be inefficient by presenting buyers with followers that aren’t genuinely interested in their accounts.

As you can see, there’s plenty of negative experiences surrounding customers of SocialEnvy. In addition, I’d like to show you just how heartless the creators of SocialEnvy are. Think about their primary target group: teenager Instagram users who struggle to establish a significant social media presence.

Now consider the situation of a generally unpopular high schooler who subscribed to the service because he wanted to escape a life of getting minimal followers and likes, no matter how many people he followed himself. Initially, he received the significant increase in followers he was looking for along with a slight jump in likes.

Although he may not have received as many likes as he hoped for, the customer was likely satisfied with his purchase at first, given his prior situation. However, after a couple of months, the customer likely became frustrated as his follower growth rate started to even out and his number of likes did the same or even began to regress from its initial spike.

What’s even worse is that the customer’s fellow classmates might have noticed that the kid who once struggled to break one hundred followers or get more than twenty likes on a post had managed to more than triple his follower and like counts in less than a month’s time, so they started to accuse him of buying his followers.

Now, the high schooler feels discontent, for he has hardly experienced any genuine boost in his social media presence, he is short the cash he payed to subscribe to SocialEnvy for a few months, and worst of all, he has managed to fall further down the social ladder in real life.

Although said situation is hypothetical, it is a very real and sad problem that SocialEnvy users face, and the service knows it. SocialEnvy likes to take advantage of vulnerable and unaware Instagram users to turn a quick profit; the service certainly possesses many issues, but this ethical dilemma itself should be enough to get you to steer clear from doing business with them.