Guide to Select Good Toilets for Bathrooms

If you are renovating your house or building a new one altogether, one thing you absolutely have to consider is the bathroom, specifically the toilet. Many people are picky about the kinds of toilets they get to use and not everyone is comfortable with every kind of toilet. Just as with anything else, you have to carefully consider your needs, your budget and the kind of space you have before finalizing a toilet for your bathroom. Selecting a toilet is a fairly easy job in itself but nobody likes regretting a decision made regarding toilets because the moment of realization is usually just a little too late. So without further ado, we shall move on to the guide we have made for you regarding the best kinds of toilets to select for your bathroom.


Most of us are familiar with the traditional toilet with the U bend, the seat, the flush and all. This toilet is seen pretty much everywhere in our country. What we should know is that there are many different kinds of toilets being used all over the world. Some of us have extended the trend of these other kinds of toilets in our country as well. One example of such a toilet is the compost toilet. Compost toilet guides suggest that they are much more environment friendly than traditional toilets since they do not waste any water. Composting toilets are best used for a small cabin in the woods, a lodge or any small getaway place you may have where water availability could a problem for everyday tasks like using the toilet.

Extra Features

Many toilets come with features like a control panel. This panel could be used to activate the bidet function embedded in the toilet seat, the flush, the seat warmer and some other adjustable parts. Using this panel you do not need to access each part of the toilet separately. We believe that a traditional toilet could function equally as well as a fancy one so if you don’t have the money and the resources, you don’t have to go for them.


There is no rule which states that only expensive toilets are any good and you absolutely must invest a fortune on bathroom accessories. You should go for whatever kind of toilet that fits in your budget and you see it serving its purpose. If you have the resources, you should totally go for fancier toilets as they add to the convenience of using the toilet more than anything else.


The bidet is so widely used nowadays that it deserves an entire section to itself. There are many different kinds of bidets, ranging from manually controlled showerheads to automatic jets of water. Bidets are much better for your health than the traditional method of wiping your behind. We personally suggest that you keep a bidet in your house because once you try it you never go back to the traditional way again.