5 Best Kinds of Headphones for your Personal Use

Whether you are a music lover, an avid binge watcher of TV series or just love to enjoy any and all kind of audios on your own private accord, owning headphones is mandatory. Now the term itself is very general because they are basically sound transmitters you use on your ears, but what are the different kinds that exist out there?

Every category of headphones today has a lot of variety available. Just a comparison of lighting headphones can show you how the industry evolves, because the lighting jack has existed for quite a while but has really been made famous by the release of the iPhone 7. Join us as we unveil the best kind of Headphones out there for you.


Most of the market is overtaken by the earbuds, because they are so compact and user-friendly and offer the best interface out there. There is one bud for each ear and it can set inside your ears with no need for you to use your hands. Generally, earbuds are the kinds that do not go inside the ear canal so the noise isolation may not be as good as you like, but they are highly affordable.

Headphones which fall under the heavy-duty category such as sporting fit inside the ear canal, and have replacement tips which can be attached separately at your ease.

Around Ear

If you are looking for excellent quality with maximum noise cancellation, then these are the perfect headphones out there for you. You must be aware that the quality of the sound and personal space it grants you depends on how much you are willing to invest on it, but generally they are the most durable and stylish looking among all out there.

On Ear

These are much lighter than the modes described above because there is no head support required; these are simply attached to the side of your ears. They are generally quite affordable but the in depth sound quality you are looking for might not be achieved by these. So if you are on a budget and prefer style over substance, these should be your best bet.


Wireless technology has increased its following by massive numbers because, thanks to Bluetooth, it is just so easy to move around wherever you want without disconnecting from your headphones! Wireless headphones come in all of the categories described above, and are usually connected through Bluetooth.

There are always some considerations you will need to make in terms of the signal strength if you move far and the sound quality (highly dependent on the Bluetooth receptors’ ability of both devices), but overall they offer unmatched convenience.


These headphones are just incredible if you are, for example, going out on an adventure and cannot survive without your excellent music quality. The foldable kinds are mostly wireless as well, but their major uniqueness comes with the fact that they are proper full-sized headphones and can fit in a very compact space!