Five Best Cases for iPad

The market is full of salesperson who tends to sell used iPad or even if you are considering to purchase a brand-new model then it is imperative to shop for a case as well to keep it safe and protected under all conditions. Whether it is a rugged case or a keyboard one, there is a multitude of options customers can take into account.

Here are the top five nominations based on the feature and quality provided to the users. One of the factors that have impacted these rankings is customer feedback received for each case.

DODO case

DODOcase has made it successfully to the list and there are good reasons behind it. Even though they are not cheap, these are one of the best handmade products that can protect the iPad entirely. The prices differ depending on the materials and design purchased but almost all DODO cases feature complete protection which a wooden body and a board cover that secures the screen when not in use. The flexibility of the case allows user to use either in landscape or portrait mode.

Apple iPad Smart Case

Apple iPad Smart Case guarantees complete protection through a solid full body case. It comes with a polycarbonate back that protects the back and sides of the device. The flap secures the screen when not in use.

This version of case comes in a multitude of colors and are easily available in the market. Unquestionably, it is one of the best options that customers can choose from.

RooCase Origami for iPad Air

The rooCase Origami comes in one model only that was released in 2013. The case is termed Origami because of the multiple configurations you can bend screen into and still operate the iPad with safety. It offers a complete shock and drop protection for the iPad. It is an ultimately thin case that is affordable for most of them. You can choose the color of your preference for a very nominal price.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case

This case is not only well-designed, thin and an attractive case that enhances the aesthetics and functionality but it is an ideal case that keeps the tablet safe from shocks and drops. It is one of the most rugged case in the list. It is manufactured out of shatter-resistant polycarbonate making it one of the safest products to use. It also features a built-in screen protector that further enhances the overall protection.

The Ridge Slim Case by Devicewear

There are good reasons why this product from Devicewear has made it to the list. Even the Android users may remember Devicewear for the Nexus 7 cases. However, all of the cases are made from polyurethane leather that is not leather but feels and wears like it. These can be secured and folded in six different angles. All of them can be used. It features a backing in the case that ensures safety from all kinds of shocks and drops.