Top 5 themes for iPhone

The iOS jailbreak allows the user to install iPhone themes to completely change the look without compromising on the warranty. Themes like Winterboard and Anemone let the users change the look of icons, status bar, settings menu and other aspects of the iPhone.

So if you are considering an iPhone 6 trade in due to its consistent layout, you can enhance the experience by installing themes. Here are the top 5 themes for iPhone that will promise you and amazing look and feel for the iOS device.


Ayecon which is read as ‘icon’ is one of the best themes for iPhone that enhances the overall experience of the users. As the name implies, the theme is all about icons. It offers over 100+ icons for the device. Additionally it features masks for non-supported icons which are then beautifully integrated with rest of the device. It also provides an element of depth which is missing from most iOS 7 devices.


Creators of Ayecon have introduced another beautiful theme names Ayeris which is read as ‘iris’. Both of these themes are made for opposite characters. Ayecon is the right theme who prefers look and feel for their iOS devices. On the other hand, Ayeris is ideal for people who prefer the current theme of iOS and just want to play around with the icons. It features completely new dock and amazing icons.

Vertu iPhone theme

Vertu iPhone theme provides beautiful and bright look for iOS 9 and supports over six wallpapers, 90 icons and themes and cover the look of settings as well. This is one of the most impressive themes that doesn’t only enhances the aesthetics of iPhone’s interface but the functionality as well. It supports iOS 7 through iOS 9 officially and may work on iOS 10 as well.

Style HD iPhone theme

Style HD is a theme that offers sharp looks and offers round icons that helps iPhone to look different from its traditional look. There is a multitude of new icons for a wide range of popular iPhone applications getting a completely new look for the device. If you have purchased this theme on iOS 7 and iOS 8 then iOS 9 theme will be available as a free upgrade. Make sure you experiment with the different wallpaper options that are available. However, there is no official support for iOS 10 yet. In a nutshell, it is one of the best iPhone themes available right now.

Amor iPhone theme

The Amor iPhone theme is simple yet beautiful. It includes a number of icons that provides a warmer look while sticking towards a rigid grid pattern. This creates an organized look. Developer of this theme has focused on a number of colors that changes the look of your iPhone.

The bottom line

The overall feel and look of iPhone can be changed by installing one of the top 5 themes that are listed above. However, this is not an exhaustive list. There is a multitude of other themes as well.