Different Kinds of Tactical Boots

Brave men and women in the police are always ready to safeguard the integrity of our homes and put themselves in danger constantly on regular basis with immense nerve and courage.

Given that, it is very important for police officers to wear the right type of gear to carry out job with more effectiveness. A bullet proof jacket will save you from gunfire but tactical boots will keep your feet away from immense pain. It is even highly comfortable to wear them. It are designed to protect your feet under extreme stress made for rocky terrains supporting your ankles probably like no other boot can.

These boots can be of good use to you if:

  • Your ankles are prone to injuries, keeping them protected with additional stability and support.
  • Load you are carrying is heavy for your body type.
  • Tweaked knees.
  • Muscles in your legs need extra support.

The market is now filled with a multitude of options. There are different tactical boots available out there. Here is a list describing some of them:

Standard Issue

These are the basics of army boots. These are commonly made out of black leather which provides water resistance and are usually hardened. They are designed keeping in mind additional foot stability. They are made to adapt to rough terrains that you will encounter in combats. Nevertheless, they can even be used as an ideal hiking boot.

Jump Boots

These boots are also known as paratrooper boots being a standard equipment for parachute units since a long time. There are number of features added. The ankle area is reinforced to serve the user better. Heels are airborne optimized and soles are made of rubber. To enhance protection, toe caps are also added. If you need to jump frequently on uneven terrains then this is a perfect choice with the necessary support and protection present.

Tanker Boots

These boots were designed to meet the specific needs of a tank crew. There are leather straps rather than laces so there is nothing to tangle with the moving parts of tank. They are also heat resistant which means no sweat. There are other features also present like steel toe guard and other metal inserts to maximize protection levels. These boots are the perfect choice if you are travelling in heavily-forested area packed with branches and tree roots. The steel reinforcements are good at handling sharp rocks that you may encounter on your journey.

Boots for Weather Extremes

There are further three types of boots for extreme weathers:

  • Desert boots are made of rough suede with nylon laces. They are designed to quickly get rid of excessive heat and reinforced with steel protective inserts.
  • Jungle boots feature uppers made of canvas. These combat boots are designed to allow the water get out quickly and dry out as soon as possible.
  • Combat boots for cold climates are either solely water-proof, made for harsher weathers or are made to tackle climates below -20 degrees. Additional insulation’s of wool and rubber keeps it secure.