9 Tips on Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping the interior clean of your car is not only important for good looking but also for increasing the longevity of your car. It also improves the resell value of your vehicle. If you keep the interior clean, the plastic and wooden panel of the vehicle will remain new forever.

Here are the 9 tips on keeping your car interior clean

Get Organized

Keeping all the accessories in an organized way will help you to keep the interior clean and good looking. If the items are scattering all around, it will be difficult to wipe the dust and it also looks bad. Keep the bottles in the holder, use boxes to keep the mobile chargers, pins, cords.

Arrange the tools of the car properly in the provided slot. Like, you will find a holder for the car jack; use it properly to save space. Often, we don’t give concentration about keeping the tools in the trunk, but it’s always a good idea to keep the items properly organized. It saves space and also helps to find the accessories quickly when needed.

Use Trash Bag

While driving the car for a long time, we create junk inside the car. Use a trash bag to put all the junk in the bag and deposit the waste to proper place later. The interior of a car is full of small gaps, which becomes dirty easily and it is very time-consuming to clean them. Rather than, taking a long time to clean the interior every day, it’s always good to manage the waste properly.

Avoid Eating Foods Inside

In our busy lives, we often don’t get time to eat foods and we take the foods inside our car. It’s a very bad idea. Eating foods inside the car is something weird thing anyone can do. It makes the interior dirty quickly.

Use Glove Box

Sometimes keeping the important documents inside the car becomes a mess. Keeping the documents inside the glove box is the simplest solution. It keeps the documents save from any damage and also keeps the interior tidy. Almost every car has a glove box. Hence, get the maximum benefit from it.

Keep a Vacuum Cleaner

There are many tiny gaps in the interior which is difficult to clean with cloths. A vacuum cleaner can help to remove the dust from those critical places. You can choose a portable vacuum cleaner for car detailing, it will help you to remove the dust quickly and it will be also helpful for complete interior cleaning.

Get a Shopping Basket

After shopping at vegetables or fishes, you should not put the items in the trunk without any protection. Use a shopping basket to keep all the items inside it. This helps to keep the trunk clean from any outside grime.

Arrange Few Hours Every Month

To hold the resell value and gorgeous look of your car, arrange few hours every month to clean the car. Beside of cleaning the exterior of the car, manage some time to clean the interior. Use toothbrush, vacuum cleaner, dashboard spray etc. to make the interior look like new. It may take some time but it’s worthy.

Keep Fewer Items

We often forget to bring the items back from the car. If you take any extra clothes or devices for later use, take it back at night. If you keep it inside the car, it will become a habit and you will find that you have kept lots of unnecessary items in the car. It’s waste of space and beauty of the vehicle.

Always Keep a Microfiber Towel

A microfiber towel will help you to clean any visible dirt from the dashboard or seats easily. For example, in rainy days, water sometimes fall on the door pads while entering the car. Use the towel to clean it immediately otherwise later it will create water drop marks. The marks are quite time consuming to clean. So, it’s wise to clean it as soon as possible.


Hope these 9 tips will help you to keep the interior clean. However, don’t be lazy to clean the car regularly. A clean car also helps to improve the driving concentration and mental satisfaction.