Why You Need Driving Offence Solicitors

It can be really scary and worrying if you’re facing prosecution for a driving offence. You probably don’t know what to do or who to talk to, or even if you deserve help and a friendly ear.

You’ll have an unpleasant mixture of feelings – guilt, shame, worry and fear for your future, especially if your driving licence is at risk. These feelings will be intensified if someone was hurt as a result of your actions.

You will, on one hand want to take your punishment to assuage your guilt, even if it means a long ban and a big fine.

You will be wondering whether to plead guilty or whether to fight the prosecution. The good news is that whether you were caught speeding, drink driving or were pulled over for dangerous driving help is at hand from motoring lawyers.

Having a good legal team behind you can help you to reduce the length of your ban or lower your fine.

In more serious driving offence cases, strong legal representation has helped drivers to avoid prison.

When should you find a motoring solicitor?

Some driving offences result in a fine and penalty points and if the fine is under £1,000, you should grit your teeth, pay it and make sure you learn from the experience.

You can arrange to pay it in instalments, or even ask for it to be reduced if you’re on a low income. It’s a balancing act – legal advice is expensive, so unless you’re facing a big fine, a ban or even prison, it’s often best to just pay up and move on.

If you sounded your horn in a residential area at 6.00am and woke up an off-duty policeman, just accept the penalty…

When things are more serious

If you were caught speeding, drink-driving or driving without due care and attention, things get more serious (as they should).

These offences can lead to life-changing consequences and so the punishments should fit them. You may face a long ban (up to five years), big fines and maybe even prison.

If your fine is set to be between £3,000 and £5,000 then it’s probably worth engaging a solicitor.

You should definitely find one as a matter of urgency if you’re facing a ban or a prison sentence.

If you’ve been caught for a relatively minor offence but you already have enough points to disqualify you under the totting-up ban, then you’ll need a legal team here as well.

Lawyers can reduce your punishment

Of course, duty solicitors are skilled and effective, but if you’re at risk of a huge fine or even a custodial sentence, then you must hire specialist lawyers.

Motoring lawyers can guarantee you a fair hearing and so even if you are likely to be banned or imprisoned, you’ll be treated at fairly as possible.

A strong team of motoring lawyers can reduce the length of your sentence or your ban, or lower your fine so it’s more manageable.

If you can avoid a ban or a prison sentence altogether, then you and your family will benefit hugely.