7 Different Uses of a Mini Excavator

Digging holes for any purpose is an exhausting task. It is many days of hard labor if done manually. Depending on the purpose and depth of the hole, one may have to take help of a mini excavator. It will save your time and energy. A mini excavator can have a lot of uses other than just digging holes. Here are some of the different uses of a mini excavator. Get ready to give up on those spades and shovels.

1. Garden and Patio Leveling

Everyone wants a garden in their dream house. The first step to realize that garden is to dig the area to level it. Garden areas are not that small and if you decide to do with your own hands, there is a chance that you might give up mid-way. Once you decide to get a garden, your second decision should be to get a mini excavator to do all that hard work and you can skip to the beautification work.

2. Installing Pools and Ponds in Your Garden

Having ponds and pools in the garden seem like a tough project altogether but it is also tempting. So, get the help from a mini excavator to dig that hole and get the work started. Make sure to consult a professional because the depth matters. And if you have kids, they will love you for that outdoor pool. If you are concerned about the budget then you can consider used excavators from various makes.

3. Plowing Snow

Snow covered areas during winters become a hindrance in many of our everyday works. Sometimes only a spade or shovel are not enough to remove snow out of your way, so you’ll need a mini excavator. A special blade attachment can be joined to a mini excavator to do the snow clearing works. Its compact size allows it to be taken to difficult areas as well.

4. Repairing Sewer Lines

A mini excavator comes in very handy when you need to do some repairing of the sewer lines. It is a better option than a heavy equipment like the trencher because it will save you money. First you should assess the required/maximum depth to make sure that it is workable for a mini excavator is the right choice for the task at hand.

5. Landscaping Work

Landscaping is enhancing the visible qualities of an area of land by addition of plants and trees, altering the terrain etc. If you have some landscaping work to do and the area is not that small, then using a mini excavator will be the right decision. It can be used for tilling, terracing, debris removal, leveling and many other tasks required during the process.

6. Irrigation Works

All irrigation projects require a lot of excavation work and digging up trenches in a scale that is hard to achieve with only human effort. A mini excavator is more like a necessity than a choice for this work. It will it be more economical than heavy machinery, it is also lightweight and compact so it’s easier to work with in any kind of site.

7. Pulling Down Small Structures

A mini excavator can also come in handy when you decide to bring that old shack down. It may seem like an easy task to demolish small structures like shacks and sheds but it’s easier said than done. It may take days to bring it down piece by piece but with a mini excavator it’s just few minutes. After that, it can also be helpful in collecting and transporting the materials.

A mini excavator can be lot useful than one can think of. It is definitely a time saver, alternative for hard work and easier on the pocket compared to its big brothers. So, if it suits your need, go for it.