Cost of Living in Phoenix

Phoenix is said to be one of the most cost-effective cities in the US to live in. In a recent ranking done by The Council for Community and Economic Research, the city was placed at position 91 out of a hundred for the most expensive cities. Phoenix has an index score of 97 which means that items such as groceries, transportation, and healthcare tend to be lower than the national average. For Phoenix, it’s a good 3% lower which can mean huge savings for the residents. So, here are some of the prices for some of the most basic needs in Phoenix.

Home prices

Like many places in the US, when the recession hit, the prices of properties dived. According to, the median price for a one-bedroom home ranges at about $126,097. For a two, three or four-bedroom home in Phoenix, you will part with about $186,901, $255,660 and $385,696 respectively. These prices are lower as compared to other cities which is a good thing for people moving to the city. For those who have decided to rent rather than to buy, places the average price for a decent studio apartment at $620 per month. One, two and three bedroom apartments cost $770, $1,061 and $1,435 respectively on average. These are fair prices.


Both people who buy and rent homes have to cater for utility fees. According to the popular statistics website, the average cost of utilities in a 915 square-foot apartment in the city will cost you about $176.14 per month. That amount covers heating, electricity, garbage, and water. If you want to have internet at home, it will cost you an additional $55.20 per month. Although internet service providers in the area are many, you will need some assistance to figure out which provider will work best for you. Digital exits help people find their right fit to provide the best value for money.


According to recent numbers by Cast Light Health, a visit to a physician for primary preventive care will cost about $114. Prices for the services will average from $72 to $400 and have grown by about 9% since the previous year. However, living in Phoenix is excellent news for your healthcare insurance premiums as the city is said to have some of the lowest in the country. Since they have a very competitive market, customers have many insurance premiums to choose from. The average for a 40-year old nonsmoker stands at about $166 per month.


Like most cities in America, Phoenix is a driving town. That means that you would be better served by having a car than anything else. However, it also has a functional public transportation service. Here, we have buses and light rail service which is essential in taking people from one point to another. The unlimited 31-day pass on the Metro Public System will cost about $64 but gives you access to all the local bus routes, LINK, and the light rail. If you love to drive, you can be expected to use about $2.067 per gallon of gas which is below the national average of $2.177.