The role of Vitamin D in healthy relationships – and erections

When we talk about relationships and individual happiness, the role of vitamin D is always mentioned – for a good reason. The most common reason is that vitamin D is a powerful ingredient in combating depression, which in turn may be responsible for unhappy relationships as eventually depression also affects the healthy partner. There is however another important reason often overlooked: healthy relationships between couples are easier to maintain when there is an absence of erectile dysfunction. ED can eventually be a deal breaker in relationships.

The role of Vitamin D in male vitality:

Vitamin D does a lot more than to stimulate serotonin to act against depression. While indeed depression itself is a factor in male performance (romantically speaking), erectile dysfunction is often a bigger issue – for which Vitamin D can be a great help if you suffer due to this. It acts by increasing testosterone levels, by cleansing the blood vessels – and reducing both blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Then there is dopamine levels which are increased thanks to Vitamin D: precisely the reason people feel so happy after watching the sunset for an hour on the beach since the sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D.

Research on Vitamin D and testosterone levels:

Basing important health decisions on sound medical research is always better than making an uninformed decision. In a study that involved 652 men, a direct correlation was found between low testosterone and low vitamin D levels. Clearly by increasing vitamin D and D3 levels at an appropriate daily dose, can aid to achieve increased testosterone levels.

Arterial health in male vitality:

Someone once said, “a man is as old as his arteries”. Serious health problems such as strokes and heart attacks always involve the arterial network, it is therefore that most males think of vitamin D as a magic supplement to help prevent these problems. It is also true that healthy erections require healthy arteries – since it is all about stimulating sufficient circulation throughout the body and sending it to the right parts of the body through arteries that function sufficiently well. The fact is that vitamin D is a key ingredient to help maintain good arterial health – regardless of why males may actually wish to have better arterial health.

Things you can do to boost vitamin D levels:

Now that you established it may be appropriate to look into Vitamin D for erections and ask your Doctor for further advise, there are many more things to do that can boost vitamin D levels. Starting with your diet, eating more fatty fish instead of red meat is great. If you consume milk – then why not buy vitamin D fortified products. Beef liver, as well as egg yolks, can also be added to your diet. Most cardiologists will also put their patients on cod liver oil supplements. And, if you live in a part of the world where it is sunny: indeed the best things in life are free – as the sun is a natural source of Vitamin D.


Relationships have many elements, such as trust, positivity, intimacy, respect and so forth. The same goes for individual happiness: money, culture, societal issues, friendships, health and much more. However, we cannot understate the importance of this one element when talking about healthy relationships in couples. Everyone deserves to be happy in their relationships – it is a matter of being determined to take the right actions that contribute to that. Knowledge is power: educate yourself and always ask for proper medical advice to make good decisions.