Choosing a reliable cleaning company in three easy steps

Most of us don’t have time for cleaning our homes and offices. With busy schedules, it is next to impossible to make time for such tasks. In such a situation, many people turn to professional cleaning services to take care of their cleaning needs.

In commercial settings like offices, hiring a cleaning contractor is an absolute necessity. After all, no business owner is going to expend their time making sure the housekeeping staff is doing their work on time. Add to that the headache of hiring and maintaining a cleaning team, along with the cost of the equipment, the headache and the cost of the whole thing is simply not worth it.

Choosing a professional, however, is a decision that demands a certain amount of consideration on your part. Whether the property is commercial or residential, choosing a reliable business is critical. Moreover, if you are letting strangers inside your home for cleaning, it is strongly recommended that you make the following considerations. Similarly, in case of a commercial property, as a business owner, choosing the most reliable and cost-effective options is your duty.

For these reasons, one should make the following considerations before hiring a professional cleaning contractor:

Services being offered

The first thing you need to do is find out if they offer all the services that you need. Sometimes, smaller cleaning businesses only offer a specific kind of service such as carpet cleaning. While this might suffice for a residential property, a commercial property usually requires a more comprehensive collection of services. Commercial cleaning contractors like Simpo Cleaning offer a range of cleaning services that will make sure no corner of your office remains dirty.


Checking for licensing and insurance is a good way to find out if the business you are dealing with is legitimate or not. If they take their work seriously, they would surely invest time and efforts towards obtaining the necessary licensing and insurances.

While checking for licensing, it is also a good idea to ask the company you are considering about the screening and verification process they have in place for employees. A legitimate business will conduct thorough verifications of all their employees to ensure the safety of their clients.


To absolutely make sure you are working with true professionals, reviews have always proven to be the most helpful. While most businesses display the best reviews they have received on their webpages, most local business listings give honest reviews.

Additionally, you can ask the business representative to get you in touch with some of their existing clients and enquire about their experience.


In case of cleaning services, cost should not be a deciding factor, but should definitely be taken into account. In many cases, businesses don’t include the full cost in their initial quote, and add several hidden charges in the later stages of the project.

To save yourself from such perils, understand what the quote does and does not include right when you receive it. This way, you will be able to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the longer run.


Choosing a reliable cleaning contractor does not have to be a challenging task. With enough research and effort, you can easily find a legitimate business that can take care of your cleaning needs. By keeping the above-mentioned points in your mind, you can be sure that you have, as a matter of fact, chosen the best cleaning service around.

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