How to Easily Find your Shipping Supplier

We live in a modern era where online businesses have become a norm. Once you have decided to start an online business and involved yourself into the details of e-commerce, the notion of drop shipping will pop up in the course of time. In order to make your store a reality, it is essential to partner with a supplier to avoid overspending into physical inventory.

But the real question still remains unanswered. How do I find a reliable shipping supplier? You need to consider several factors before searching for the perfect supplier. Many wholesalers ask for proofs that they are working with an authentic retailer and not just a consumer. However, here are some tips that can help with the task:

Get to know the industry

Each industry have its own unique supply chain. Comprehending the whole picture and figuring out where you stand can enable you to find relevant suppliers. For instance, running a small store focusing on few specialized items won’t work efficiently if you look for wide-scale distributors.

Go for manufacturers initially

It is preferable if you contact the manufacturers directly to drop ship their items. You can either communicate over email or just call them and discuss relevant details. This enables quicker communication of information.

Search more

Finding reliable suppliers on the Internet can prove to be very annoying and time-consuming. You might come across scams as well. However there are several techniques that can increases your chances of success when looking online.

Decent suppliers usually don’t have prominent online presence. You need to search more vigorously and go through different identifiers to make sure that all bases are covered. Use certain keywords like ‘dropship’, ‘distributor’ and ‘fulfillment’ to make your research more effective.

Searching by location can be of help as well. Furthermore, many suppliers are not concerned with creating a considerable online presence. Keep this point in mind and do not overlook vendors with outdated web pages. Look over the testimonials online and try to contact them in personal. You can even use portals like to get reliable suppliers.

Go back in time

It is well-known that many suppliers do not give importance to SEO. This is why their websites look old-fashioned. Going back in time can help you in this scenario. Use old-fashioned techniques in order to leverage the benefits.

You can also avail drop shipping forums where members are willing to share suppliers they use.

Other options

Once you have compiled a list of suppliers for your store, do not forget to try what is left. There are several lists online that you can pay for to gain access. However be careful because there might be obsolete entries. There are several websites as well where you can compile list for specific products.


As a general advice, consider location of your supplier since a central location can be of immense importance. Also make sure the support staff is competent and responsive so that your issues can be addressed with immediate effect.