Are Smart Watches Really Worth all the Hype?

Owning a smartwatch has become a staple for many. Advanced technology has made it possible to do most of the tasks using the smartwatch that previously could only be done through smartphones. But that does not mean there are no flaws involved either.

We will take a balanced approach to analyze if you really need to get a top-end smartwatch.

Pros of Owning a Smartwatch:

1. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Smartwatches were initially introduced to count steps and the amount of physical activity you do every day. Slowly,  upgrades in technology have brought it this far from what it initially was. But the main reason many people still buy smartwatches is to keep a track of their step counts.

2. Never Miss a Call

Nowadays, most smartwatches let you dial or receive calls. It has a microphone and a speaker as well, which allows you to directly talk to the other person without really using your phone.

3. Receive Important Notifications

If your line of work requires you to constantly check emails and messages even during meetings, a smartwatch can help you keep tabs on these platforms without looking rude in front of others.

4. It Also Acts as an Entertainment Center

Getting bored while running? Connect your smartphone to a headphone, and you can enjoy good music which can be controlled by the watch.

5. You can Never Get Bored with the Dial

Smartwatches are advanced in terms of technology and can be personalized as per an individual’s taste. They offer hundreds of dial designs so that you choose the one that fits your personality.

6. Mostly Waterproof

These watches can be worn even while in the shower or swimming, as most of them are waterproof. Do not forget to read the specs before taking it for an underwater dive though. 

7. Keep Check of Health Parameters

Smartwatches have become so advanced that they can monitor your heart rate and certain heart-related parameters. The latest smartwatches also can check the SPO2 levels, which have become such an important parameter to calculate during a pandemic.

8. Trendy

The latest trend is to wear a smartwatch 24 hours, which means it can track your sleep as well. For millennials, owning these high-end gadgets makes them cool and trendy.

Cons of Owning a Smartwatch:

1. It Can be Expensive

It is common knowledge that the price of a smartphone can be very expensive. Though there are cheaper alternatives, they do not offer the same experience as the high-end ones.

2. You have to Charge It

Unlike classic watches, a smartwatch needs to be charged often to make it functional. If the battery dies, it is useless.

3. You Have to Be Near Your Smartphone

Most smartwatches work in sync with your phone, which means the Bluetooth needs to be connected. Hence you can never be out of range from your phone, or else the watch becomes useless in this aspect.

4. Small Dial

The smartwatch dial can be limited in size; hence, it can never truly replace a smartphone, even if these smartwatch companies are trying hard to.

5. You will Miss the Classic Watch Feel

The feel of a classic dial watch is timeless, which no technology can beat. As you physically feel the second hand of the watch moving on the dial, it brings a different pleasurable experience than a smartwatch.

6. You Can Never be Gadget Free

Spending gadget-free time is essential, but the smartwatch is always with you; hence you will be surrounded by technology always along with disturbances caused by notifications.

7. Quick Model Changes

As technology has made industries progress so quickly, you will find smartwatch companies launching a new watch every six months. These watches are expensive, so you may find it tough to afford a new one so soon if you plan on upgrading your watch. Apple watches, which are the most popular smartwatch brand, are known to launch new watches so frequently. Do not get influenced to buy the new model without a proper comparison of features. For example, check out the comparison of Apple Watch 5 v.s. 6 to ensure that the new features introduced are really worth your money.


The pros are larger than the cons; hence, we feel getting a smartwatch is not a bad idea. It may come in handy especially if you are a fitness pro or work in a field where you constantly need to be around your phone as you cannot miss a notification. But, having said that, you may always feel wrapped tight by technology and never get the peace of mind as notifications may keep you occupied.

If you really think the smartwatch is something you are passionate about, go for it but do not forget to take breaks from your watch sometimes to enjoy a gadget-free hour.

Written by Barbara McGee