5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Freezers

The change of state of liquid into solid under low temperature is known as solidification or freezing. Different substances have different freezing points. Freezing is commonly used to store food items for a long time without losing its quality. Almost everyone around the globe practices it.

A freezer is a standard household appliance that prolongs our perishable food’s shelf life. They are available in various sizes depending upon the usage or set-up. A household freezer is small and caters to the family’s need while a commercial freezer can be of a size of a big room where you can walk inside and place many foodstuffs.

It has become a necessity these days as people do not have enough time to cook their entire meals fresh all the time. It saves time and energy of a person by making him, or her work less and also avoids the wastage of the food items by making them fit to eat for a long time. Pre-prepared foods, non-seasonal fruits, and vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish are the foods that are now available throughout the year and can be supplied around the world with the help of freezers. Their dietary quality remains intact, and they can be preserved for a long time.

Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about freezers:

1. Your freezer is going to work best when it is stuffed full. Strange, isn’t it? We’ve always thought the otherwise, but the fact is more the stuff in the freezer, the less it will have to struggle to keep things cold. Frozen food tends to insulate each other and while the extra space between them makes it work harder.

2. The freezer should have a reasonable 4 inches distance from a wall so that it has enough room for the air around it to circulate.

3. Your freezer is going to work better in warm surroundings. It was a conception that a freezer is going to deliver its best when kept in cool surroundings. Freezers have been designed to work best in temperatures of 10 degrees or more.

4. Freezer burn can occur to food items if they lie unwrapped which results in discoloration or unappetizing appeal. It was thought necessary to cover food items put inside the refrigerators rather than the freezers. Freezer bags are capable of keeping food safely without losing its appeal or aroma.

5. The bigger the freezer, the better it is. No, this does not hold true. The freezer size should depend upon your need and family size. A giant freezer for a couple is going to cost more and will bring long electricity bills as it is never shut down.

You will be amazed to know that there are other useful things a freezer can do. You can open envelopes, make candles last long, freshen shoes and clothes, kill bugs, save seeds, stretch tight shoes, tighten elastics, remove gum, prolong cosmetic life, and so on. So, extract the best out of your freezer and enjoy.