7 Weather Fashion Tips for 2018 & Beyond

Whether it is 2018 or 2081 there is little doubt that the weather and different seasons will not undergo much of a change. It also is a fact that whether it is today, tomorrow or ten years, hence, we would like to be dressed for the occasion. At the same time we also need to factor the weather in which these dresses are being worn. It would not be out of place to mention here that we should take care of fashion and contemporary styles of dressing while clothing ourselves. At the same time, we also must pay equal importance to the weather in which these dresses are being worn. We will look at seven tips which we believe would make us both comfortable and fashionable as far as our dresses are concerned.

1. Always Move Out With A Cap Or Hat When Dressing In Rainy Season

Sudden burst of rain could catch you unawares and the least you can do to protect yourself is to always carry a hat, cap or scarf while moving out in the rainy season. Yes, you also would be advised to carry a quality raincoat which should also be trendy and fashionable at the same time. The footwear should also be water proof and water resistant.

2. Are Your Ready For The Heat Waves

Summers, though short in many countries, can really catch you unawares. You could find yourself in the midst of a heat wave. If you are a woman and have a good figure to boast of, you perhaps would do well to move around in a crop top or sports top. It will make you feel cool while raising the temperature around for many men.

3. How To Become A Layering Pro

Winters can well and truly be severe and punishing and therefore you must know how to take it in your stride. You may have to well and truly learn how to layer your body but at the same time you cannot afford to be looking outdated and blandish. There are many layering options available and this again would depend on the kind of body you have. Visiting sites like Dressbyweather.com could be useful.

4. Take Care Of Your Skin During Summer

Your skin in general and face in particular could take a heavy toll during the summer season. Apart from UV rays, you also could see increased levels of grime and dust. Hence, you have to pay attention to common face skin tips like exfoliation, regular washing with cold water and use of sunscreen amongst other things.

5. Face Skin Care During Winter

Dryness and loss of moisture is a common problem during winter and while taking care of your body, you cannot afford to ignore your face. Regular washing of face with lukewarm water, careful use of moisturizer and protecting the face from rough winds are a few tips which you must bear in mind.

6. How To Dress In A Cloudy Weather

When moving around in winter, as a woman you must wear something with long sleeves. Further you should have a scarf, and a winter jacket handy.

7. Footwear During Summer

You must try and keep your feet as exposed as possible during summer. You could do well to choose some flip flops when you are in casual gathering. When in a formal gathering you could try out loafers or a sneaker which matches with the dress you are wearing.


The above are just a few examples and if you look around, gather information and then decide you have quite a few other options coming your way.

Image Credit: Pixabay