3 Most Interesting Ways to get Bitcoin

Over the last few years, bitcoins have seen an increase in popularity and value. Due to their significant price fluctuation, businesses and investors are taking an interest in this digital currency, incorporating it into their financial lives. However, most of us don’t have a clue of where we can get this popular type of cryptocurrency, without spending a significant amount of our savings.

For most people, bitcoins are like organic food. We can clearly see the importance of using them in our daily lives, but we still find it difficult to finance its cost. With the risk of getting a bad deal and the fear of losing our investment lingering in our, most of us shy away from bitcoins even when they appear to be very lucrative and beneficial to our financial lives.

So, is it possible to get bitcoin for free?

As we all know, bitcoin is a digital currency that is universally accepted by individuals and businesses all over the world. Like any other currency that exists in the world, it’s practically impossible to find someone that can give you bitcoins for free. However, there are some interesting ways of getting bitcoin, without spending a dime from your bank or credit card.

If you are interested in bitcoin, here are 4 simple ways to get it:

Trading gift cards

As we all know, getting money from gift cards can be very hectic, especially if you don’t want to waste your time shopping for stuff that you don’t need. In some cases, people end up losing 2-15% of their original value when trying to resell them to other buyers. However, you can get the full value of your Amazon or iTunes gift card using bitcoin exchanges such as Paxtradings and a few others.

Accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment

If you don’t have an iTunes gift card to exchange for Bitcoin, you can consider selling other products and services for them. For example, if you are selling electronic devices, you can just put a sign to show that you accept Bitcoin and get them from customers who prefer to use this mode of payment. This method of payment will require you to have a Bitcoin merchant tool if you are operating online. However, customers can also send them directly to your wallet.

Sports Betting

Though gambling can be very addictive to some people, it can help you get more Bitcoin without spending money. You can find many casinos that offer casino games, jackpots and online lotteries to players who operate in Bitcoin. However, this is one of the risky ways to acquire them.

Bottom Line:

Aside from the three ways discussed above, few other ways of getting Bitcoins includes working for them, interest payments and through faucets. The Bitcoin industry is growing at a very admirable rate, increasing its acceptance and applications in business and the financial world. However, legal issues and lack of clear regulations are still holding back many from getting into the Bitcoin world.