How to Increase the Profitability of Your CPC Campaigns

CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is one of the fastest ways to be seen by your target audience online. But at what cost?

From the onset, you need a budget to implement a CPC campaign. The concern with many entrepreneurs who embark on their first CPC campaigns is that they tend to spend a lot of money, and in the end, achieve low returns.

So how do you spend less and make more from your CPC campaign?

This article will walk you through the simple yet profitable decisions that will maximize your CPC campaign profits.

Make sure your ads have a specific target

One of the best-kept secrets of increasing CPC profits is campaign targeting. You need to plan your campaign in such a way that it’s directed towards your target audience. This will ensure that every click through would lead to an action being taken on your site. It can be a purchase, a download, or a signup.

When you fail to properly meet your target audience with a CPC campaign, this is what happens.

You will get clicks from a totally heterogeneous crowd – people completely outside the range of your target audience. These kinds of visitors will immediately close the tab or hit “previous” to leave your site. That means your ad is spoiled yet you’ve made a payment for it. Your budget is draining and you are making nothing.

If you have your doubts, look for a certified professional.Professional companies offer PPC services like PPC PRO adwords management and they have Google Premier badge to prove it. If you are going to pay for a professional then at least a Google Partner who knows what they are talking about.

Become a Better copywriter or hire one

Though you might not see the benefits instantly, improving in writing is something you have to worry about over the long term if you want to get your ads clicked.

Once you’ve made progress in writing, you’ll have improvements in running your ads. Well-written ads naturally collect more clicks. Indeed, you have to write ads that are captivating to your target audience.

In addition to this, better writing helps you to express yourself more clearly in your ads. This means that you will have more relevant clicks. With this skill, you will also do a better job of conveying what you have to offer on your landing page.

If you can’t become a good copywriter, then hire one.

Choose the most appropriate network for your ad

One of the things you need to focus on is choosing the right network for your CPC campaign. This would not only help you serve your target audience more specifically, but you will also be able to reduce your spending by focusing on more important, relevant networks.

The fact is that different ad networks come with different costs. Some ad networks also have fewer covered spaces than others. All will depend on your budget, your target audience, or how the chosen network can help you close more deals.

Ad networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords all offer spaces for you to put your campaigns to the right audience. If you want to meet a larger audience, you might want to look at Facebook or Google Adwords. When it comes to targeting B2B clients, then LinkedIn is always preferred. As outlined earlier, it all depends on your aims, budget, network, and target audience.

Optimize your funnel

Another way to save money on your CPC advertising campaigns is to optimize your funnel. Which means you are taking the necessary steps that will allow you to make more profits with the same amount of advertising budget.

For example, if you were previously generating $100 from a campaign costing $50 when the funnel is optimized, the profit can increase to $200, but you only spend the same amount of $50. This is something you can consider if you want to be effective with your CPC ads.

When optimizing your funnel, it is absolutely necessary to look at the conversion methods you use. For example, if you have a sales site or if you use an auto responder sequence for emails by sending people directly to a sales site, why not experiment with the use of a webinar? This concept is known to get very high conversion rates online.

CPC Ads offer your business or blog great opportunities to closing more deals and you should take advantage of that whiles spending less.