What Technology Is Involved In Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The idea of implementing Zero Gravity in space missions had brought by NASA for the first time. While the spaceship accelerates to escape velocity opposite to the Earth’s gravitational pull the astronauts have to tolerate a sudden increase in gravity and pressure inside. This acute pressure of gravitational force during the launch intensifies the compression upon the Astronaut’s body particularly on the back bone. NASA researchers found a way to distribute that pressure evenly on the entire body with the invention of Zero Gravity Chair. It is just a posture to keep the human body more neutrally to overcome the constraints of that pressure, by fastening to the chair in a particular postures. Subsequently, the same posture implemented into numerous aspects of health and wellness therapy with the Zero Gravity Chairs. The body in the chair only mimics the posture of astronauts during flying off to the outer space by putting the human body in to an enhanced physically relaxed state.

Technology Involved

Fortunately these chairs do not have any technology to fly off into space, it does not defy gravity anyways. It has to do with the reclining posture and that only the chair can assume with all the massage elements.

It offers a zero-gravity position which is not only the ideal but most perfect “Neutral Body Posture” to get an ultimate physical relaxation. Ideally an anti-gravity position is a posture that recline to an elevated position of the feet above the heart.

With a deviation of +/- 7 degrees, approximately this posture creates a torso-to-leg angle of roughly 128 degrees which has proven a perfect posture of relaxation and this chair provide the same.

Health Benefits Involved

Lounging in this posture on the zero gravity massage chairs human bodies come across much less pressure around their backbone. Out of the natural relaxation of entire body caused by the equal distribution of forces all through the body, it reduces muscle tension.

So the posture is useful for:

∙ Putting significantly less strain on the heart because it takes less pressure to pump blood throughout the body

∙ To get an enhanced lung capacity and improved blood circulation because lungs get fully expanded out of the posture

∙ The ripple effect of greater lung capacity increases the oxygen level into the blood system that indirectly reduces tension and workload of the heart

∙ On the chair from the zero gravity position if a person raises his leg above his heart it takes major stress off the backbone

Designed for a Relaxed Neck and Back

In this position on the zero gravity chair a person’s torso and thighs retains in an excellent position. The feet remains above the level of the heart and head and hips and ankles get a ninety degree angle between the feet. These results in a neutral position with the spine without much effect of pressure of the gravity on the body and neck and back are free of muscle strain and pain.

So won you be buying the chair? You surely will.