Practical steps on how to write great essays.

Writing an essay can give someone a headache especially if you have no idea on where to really start or go about it. According to studies, many writers fail in their writing due to lack of proper planning and writing bad introductions that do not interest any writer. If you are into essay writing, you may not get the best advice on how to write unless you carry out enough practices. Essay writing has its challenges but when you learn the tactics and write regularly, it will be easy to face any challenge in the essay writing. Do you want to take your writing to the next level? The following are some of the major steps to take help you write impressive essays.


As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail. Whatever kind of work you are doing, planning influences a lot on your success. In essay writing, the process of writing does not take so much of time especially if you can type fast. When I write my essay, I invest about 80% of my time in planning and researching how to approach an essay. This way I am able to articulate my ideas and have a better understanding of what is needed in that essay. In planning, thinking about your essay counts and it is very helpful in ensuring that you develop a good essay.


Once you have a hood pan on what and how you want to write your article, the next step is researching. Ensure that you carry out proper research on the given topic. It goes without saying that you cannot undertake any writing task without understanding what is required of you and what the subject topic entails.

Good researching involves going through the topic lightly to have an idea of what the topic is about. Once you have this idea, you can now research thoroughly taking all the necessary notes. There are many academic databases that are available online that can help you to better understand and get content of your specific subject. As much as you are getting content online, it is recommended that you should find information on other academic sources offline.

While you are carrying out your research, it is recommended that you should write down all the quotations that will improve the quality of your essay. Reference the URLs that you are using for your research. Gather as much information as possible from different sources. This is helpful in getting quality content for your essay and it is still helpful in verifying the facts of your writing.

Carefully analyze your research.

This basically entails analyzing the arguments of various authors. What are the authors’ argument principles? Look at the claims they are airing and their reasons for these claims. When looking for the reasons for a certain claim check out if there is an alternative explanation for a given claim. Getting an alternative explanation will greatly assist in noting a specific author’s weakness in their logic.

Also, look out if the given evidence is sufficient. This will involve looking at the presented facts, statistics, the reference to related studies, and any other content that will show more proof of a stated claim.

Does the writer make any errors in their reasoning? You will only realize this by going through various academic resources on a subject matter.

The writing part

Once you have done your research and come up with an attractive headline, the next step is to write your work. This will not take much of your time because you spent a substantial amount of time in planning, researching and analyzing. In writing, ensure that you make your points as brief as possible but contain all the necessary information that will be required.