Guidelines to Purchase Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Maintaining cleanliness in your house is a necessity. While keeping in mind the cleanliness in your house, nothing but the canister vacuum can provide you the desired cleanliness and a dirt-free environment. Looking at the canister vacuum ratings 2019, you must be willing to buy one soon.

However, when you select a canister vacuum cleaner there are certain factors that need to be considered. None of us want the canister vacuum cleaners to get destroyed soon after you buy it. So, for getting the best of the product, take a look at the factors to be considered while buying a canister vacuum cleaner.

Considerations for buying the best canister vacuum cleaner

What is your budget?

The money that you are going to invest in a vacuum cleaner is important. Upon this will depend the quality of canister vacuum that you get within your budget. The more money you invest in your canister vacuum cleaner, the better will be the quality of the cleaner.

Bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner

Bagged canister vacuum cleaners provide high-level of filtration and work silently. They have been in the business for quite a long time and do not cost much. On an average, the durability of these cleaners is high. However, the bags need to be replaced.

On the contrary, the bagless canister vacuum cleaners do not need the bag to be replaced often. The best models have a similar pattern of suction force since their dust compartment is filling.

Easy to handle

Choose a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use so that you do not waste much time behind it as well as prevent back pain. The wheels of the vacuum cleaner should be large enough so that they do not get stuck while cleaning. Further, a canister vacuum cleaner should not weigh more than 16 pounds. A carrying handle will support your back. Make sure that the power cord is pretty long so that the cleaner can be carried to all rooms.

Filtration system

When the main concern is the filtration system, not all canister vacuum cleaners offer equal results. Some devices are high on efficiency that can prevent the emission of unnecessary dust particles, allergens and pollens into the air. If you or any of your family inmates suffer from asthma or have an allergic tendency, buy vacuum cleaners that have the HEPA filter stamp. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air.

Noise level

If you do not want too much noise to be produced while the canister vacuum is being run, catch hold of a pleasant vacuum. The noise level is expressed in terms of decibel. The higher is the figure in decibel, the more is the sound produced. Always avoid those vacuum cleaners that generate more than 85 decibel sound.


Normally, the canister vacuum cleaners are equipped with a combined floor tool. This tool can be used both on top of hard floors as well as on carpets. In order to switch between two settings, a rocker switch is used. The better is the floor tool, the better will the floor be cleaned. As a result, the noise too will be reduced. Other accessories include a crevice nozzle, a dusting brush, and an upholstery brush.

Durability and warranty

Since every single day, new vacuum canisters are introduced in the market, foretelling the quality of the shell life or fabrication of a particular vacuum canister is not so easy. However, you can at least make some guesswork by looking at the warranty period of the product. A warranty upon a product clear speaks of the manufacturer’s trust and reliability upon the product. Generally, the warranties extend for 1 year to 5 years.


So, next time when you go to purchase a canister vacuum cleaner, you can take a look into the canister vacuum ratings 2019. And, do not forget to keep these considerations in mind.