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Top 5 shot glasses designs

Shot glasses are like adornments for your bar counter and the beauty of the various unique designs of shot glass make them beautiful option for your bar counter décor. There are cool designs available these days and some of the best designs that you can look out for are enlisted here. They are the top selling designs and they are noted for their high quality and the style quotient they impart to any party.

308 real bullet shot glass

As the name suggests this shot glass has a unique and intriguing design where a real bullet has been polished to perfection and a certain glow is imparted to it. The bullet pierces the glass in which you serve the shot. The users can rest assured that no residue of gun powder would be there on the bullet and their drink would not be contaminated. The realism of the term shot glass is brought out by such a unique concept for a design.

Himalayan salt shot glasses

Made from salt blocks, these glasses look beautiful and unique in terms of the color which is like gradient. The 3 inch glasses are designed specifically for tequila shots. If you are drinking any kind of low grade tequila you may find the bitterness overpowering and this is where the salt-lime-tequila formula comes in. with the unique salt shot glasses, drinking any low quality tequila becomes a fun process. These glasses are approved by FDA and hence you can rest assured about their quality.

Mini Mason jar shot glasses

If you are someone who likes everything about mason jars and make the most of the mason jars you get, these unique shot glasses are going to be perfect for you. These miniature versions of the mason jars look unique and beautiful and even come with a lid and you can be sure that the lid fixes well enough so there would not be any trouble with leaks. These are perfect as a gift set too.

Troyanocolors shot glass

If you are more into sober designs, then this kind of shot glass would appeal to you for sure. They are really simple looking shot glass which are color-sprayed at the bottom and the color gets reflected into your drink with imparts a unique glow and beauty to your drink presentation. They are a popular choice as wedding gifts and being tall containers, they are perfect for those who like some extra boost of the drink.

Doomed crystal skull shot glass

The idea of a submerged skull in the drink for a shot glass design may seem rather morbid but this is one of the top selling items at stores as well as online. The glasses are strong and the details of the artwork make it perfect choice for the buyers. The shot glass is made from finest glass and it is a perfect choice for Halloween parties.