Top 10 Packing Tips for Ecommerce

The eCommerce industry is on the boom and every buyer expects to be treated with the best value for money. The increasing number of online stores is creating a competitive environment which is favor the end consumer to enjoy exciting discount deals, offers, and quality products at affordable pricing.

In pursuit of getting more leads, the online stores are working on improving product presentation, optimizing checkout process and selecting innovative packing procedures.

The product presentation starts with the display of real life product images, and credible customer testimonials, whereas improving the checkout page includes the addition of custom fields to simplify the payout process. The eCommerce websites needs to be extra cautious while tweaking the checkout pages.

You can try removing some of the options from the checkout page that you may think could be a hindrance in conversions. Such changes require the modification of core website coding. If you are using WordPress, you need not to worry as you have a bunch of tools to avail these features.

For example, WooCommerce checkout field editor is exclusively developed to edit the checkout page for different options that does not only simplify the checkout, but also intake packing instructions from customers. You can allow your customers to avail packaging personalization through these additional options.

The selection of packaging procedures comes at the end, because it is the closing moment when you have to interact with your customers through mails. You can think out of the box packing ideas for your unique startup or the artistic products you sell, whereas we are also share some for your ease.

1. Beautify packaging prints

The online buyers do notice your packing skills and facility. Most of the eCommerce websites personalize the packaging with the name of the receiver, but few of them pay attention to beautifying them. By adding an attractive wrapping papers and amazing stickers, you can potentially increase the sales of your products, because the users are likely to order well-decorated packages for their loved ones.

2. Auto generate packing slips

Once an order is placed, the packing and dispatching personnel need to grab the information to compose a slip. Doing it all manually is a hectic job, and they can commit mistakes in taking down the information.

To help them instantly get the required documents, you can automate the process with the installation of a plugin. You can modify the code according to the application you use, whereas WordPress users can take benefit of tools like PDF Invoices and Packing slips plugin. It simplifies the packing process by getting a finalized and dispatch ready slip.

3. Brand your company

Add a logo, name, and address to the packaging of your products to let the users know from whom they are receiving a mail. It helps you to establish your local or global business as a brand and let the customer remember you long. the benefit of branding your company are long lasting, as they may not remember your business name or URL, but can easily refer to the packing slips, folding carton boxes, receipts or order mails.

4. Print compelling content

Content always remain the king either you have to promote a website on digital platforms or reach the customers in person. Utilize the power of content by printing compelling images, quotes, slogans and greetings on the packing covers, and earn a positive first impression that lasts for long.

5. Switch to protective packaging

The eCommerce websites that have to dispatch sensitive products like stone or glass made mugs, they need to be extra cautious in packing them. You can try crumpled newspaper or straws to cushion the product and ensure it reaches the end consumer without any scratches. An affordable alternative in making protective packaging is the use of egg packing cartons to cover the vacuum in a packing box.

6. Wrapping up in ribbons

You can always try different things for wrapping up the boxes to please the buyers. The online consumers always have an overwhelming response when they get something more than they expect. The conventional eCommerce practices do not spend more on packages than what they commit.

To go a step ahead in customer care, you can make the dispatches adorable with colorful ribbons. For small to medium size entities, spending more can be lower down the profit margin, but to impress the customers and ensure their loyalty, treat it a kind of investment. And, you will successfully retain the customers.

7. Buy packing material in bulk

Once an online store settles down, it frequently gets orders for the products it delivers. For example, eCommerce gift websites instantly get popular in a town or community, and people likes to avail their services.

You can also scale up the size of your business and calculate the number of expected orders on the basis of your previous performance. It helps you to hold a stock of packing material for a month or two. You can buy the entire stock in bulk and save a lot of money in ordering them over and again and paying a retailer price for them.

8. Save free boxes by suppliers

Most of the suppliers have purpose build boxes for their products and are often free of cost. If you choose not to use these boxes for the same products, you can save it for other products. For example, some eCommerce websites choose to pack wrist-watches in customized boxes rather than the company manufactured ones, which are later used for packing eye-rings. Check if you are receiving free boxes from the supplier, which may not be suitable for those specific products, but can be used for packing another product line. Save them and make the best use of them.

9. Pack a box within a box

Packing a box within a box is a precautionary measure for dispatching breakable goods. It requires packing of a small box in another while filling the vacuum with cushioned material. You can consider this method is a competitive edge in your market, as most of the online buyers worry about the safe delivery of their ordered products.

By ensuring them that you pack it carefully in multiple boxes, you get a lead. You can also open this option for consumers who need to add an element of suspense and fun by ordering gifts for their loved ones.

10. Drop off flyers and brochures in packages

The person order from your eCommerce website is about to become your customer. He or she has agreed to receive the product and pay for it. why not utilize the dispatch method as a free promotional tool. You can always drop flyers and brochures that highlight other valuable items on your store.

The receiver always has to option to view or ignore the information on flyers, but by communication more about your products, you can secure more conversions. And, according to marketers, retargeting your existing customers is far easier than compelling strangers to have a look at the products you offer.


The product package symbolizes your interest in what you are doing. There are thousands of online store pursuing higher revenues, but showing care to your end consumer is the real respect of grabbing the deals. With the above-discussed tips, you can brilliantly redefine the way you were packing and dispatching your store items.

Author Bio

Paul Simmons is a WordPress and Magento development expert. With an industry rich experience of more than 7 years, he is helping small to medium size enterprises to go live and expand their online reach. Currently, he is heading FMEAddons – a prominent Magento development company.