The Benefits of Building an Environmentally Friendly Business

Implementing an environmentally friendly policy for your business can be more than just about preserving the natural resources of our planet and reducing our impact on the environment. Not only can green practices help protect our habitat, it can also help companies to improve their bottom line. From cutting back expenses to boosting brand image, being eco-friendly is more than worth the effort.

Here are the most important advantages of being green:

Public Relations:

These days the pressure of being green is on. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of pressing environmental issues and have the expectation that businesses will be proactive in how they produce and generate their products and services. Even investors are favoriting companies that are open about their eco-friendly policies and highlight the benefits they bring to local ecosystems and communities. Companies that put an emphasize on the fact that they too care about environmental issues and are taking responsibility for their impact are more likely to gain the favor of like-minded consumers and investors.

Make your business’s efforts to go green a part of your marketing campaign by mentioning your efforts to make the world more environmentally friendly. Use recycled products or change your manufacturing processes to ones that are safer for the environment and show these efforts in your marketing efforts. Additionally, you can show consumers in your interest by encouraging them to the eco-friendly action as well by donating money to the same causes you support that benefit the environment.

Cost Savings

Reducing waste and fuel consumption are just a few examples of how an eco-friendly approach can save you a fortune. Changing the ways in which resources are being used at in the office can greatly impact the costs that comes with running a business. Take unnecessary materials such as plastic and paper, for instance. You can easily avoid the cost that come with using these unnecessary products by coaching your staff to print double-sided, encouraging your employees to reuse materials or tossing them out of the office completely.

Take a cue from Coca-cola who saved $100 million when they decided to cut down and improve the packaging of their products to support their going green campaign. Minimizing office energy consumption is another way to save up funds, shutting off lights and computers when they’re not in use will considerably lower your energy bills in the long run.

Meet Consumer Demand

As environmental consciousness continues to gain traction amongst consumers, people are demanding more green products and services from companies. Environmentally conscious consumers check labels to ensure that the products and packages they’re purchasing are made from recycled materials. As a result the market share for green products is expanding in a variety of industries. Your business can tap into this market by offering more green products and service.

Improve Business Relations

Stakeholders and investors typically appreciate the work of green certificates. By boasting your eco-friendly credentials and qualifications, not only can you open doors to new partnerships, social media fans, and business opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible, you can also make your investors happy. What’s more, being eco-friendly attracts the employees and specialists (mostly made up of today’s young talents) who can help you to keep track of growing trends in the pro-environment community.

Healthier Workplace

Using natural, biodegradable cleaning products can help reduce exposure to harsh toxins and other chemicals, and also reduce the side effects that come with such contact. In fact, according to the Green Business Bureau website, companies that promote a healthier workplace report a 20% decrease in the number of sick days utilized by their employees. Not only does this keep companies safe from the potential threat of lawsuits it also benefits them through increased productivity and decreased medical benefit related expenses. Consider introducing organic food selections in your company’s cafeteria or the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Tax Credits

In 2009, the government introduced an economic stimulus plan that provided incentives for companies to go green in the form of tax credits. There’s quite a bit to be gained from this payoff including a boon to a business’s bottom line. Consider collecting on tax credits by utilizing environmentally friendly business practices, such as switching to renewable energy sources like solar power, and using electric or hybrid automobiles and trucks as delivery vehicles.