Reasons Digital Marketers May Need a VPN

Digital marketing is still one of the most economical ways to grow a brand. Unfortunately, it is becoming more complicated every year.

You need a variety of tools to maintain an edge against the competition. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are great tools that many marketers are using to retain their edge.

Here are some of the reasons VPNs are such valuable tools for digital marketing professionals.

Spy on More Competitor Ads

Spying on competitor ads is always a great idea as a digital marketer. Of course, you don’t want to steal them outright, but it’s a good idea to see what is working for them.

Unfortunately, spying on competitor ads is difficult for the following reasons:

· When you look at ads on Adwords and many other publishers and content aggregators, they personalize them for you based on your previous interactions with them. The type of ads they show may not be similar to those that other customers are exposed to.

· You can’t see what ads brands are promoting in other cities.

· Brands often use frequency caps to keep the same people from seeing their ad repeatedly.

You can bypass many of these issues by using a VPN .

Create Accounts on Multiple Sites for Linkbuilding

When you plan on building links for multiple clients, you may want to use the same websites. Unfortunately, some sites only allow you to create a link from your profile page, which keeps you from building links to different web properties.

The alternative, of course, is to create multiple accounts. The problem is that many of these sites track IP addresses to prevent the same people from creating many accounts in a short period of time to prevent spam.

You can use a VPN to avoid this issue. You will be able change IP addresses, so you can create as many profiles as you need for every client or site you intend to promote.

Make sure you log into each account from an IP address in the same region every time.

Monitoring SEO Results

When you are monitoring SEO rankings, you want to see what the rankings really are. Unfortunately, this has become harder and harder, since Google keeps making search results more personalized. Even if you turn off the personalization option, it can still be tricky.

This is another reason VPNs can be so useful. When you search Google from a new IP address, it will reset the search settings. Even if other people have searched from the same IP address with your VPN, it is unlikely that Google will have highly personalized results, because:

· The traffic is encrypted.

· Multiple people searching from the same IP address would likely force Google to assume the results can’t be personalized.

· People are probably searching from different IP addresses regularly, so they would be unlikely to use it frequently enough for Google to understand their search behavior.

Since your results won’t be personalized, they will be more relevant to what a new user would see. You won’t see your own site show up at the top of the listings all the time (since you probably clicked on it or are following it on Google+).