Tech Essentials every business must have

Whether you are running a small bakery or a repair shop with more than 5 employees, you will definitely need an apt solution for managing your finances and useful details and information about clients just like big companies and organizations do. In this era of advanced technology, thousands of tech essentials like software, applications and tools are available that can simply speed up business operations and overall productivity for small business owners and workers. Hence, finding the suitable and right tools for your small business can be a hard job to do as there are many factors like limited time, manpower and low business finances that needs to be considered while doing so.

As it is said by experts that you will on your way to chase business objectives and goals if you have dedicated employees for several business operations and right business tools to make things easier, here is the list of fertile tech essentials every business must have to streamline business operations more effectively.

Desktop or laptop

Yes, you need this data processing machine no matter who you are or what type of services or products you offer. It can be used for variety of purposes and tasks to make the business operations easier than ever. If you are about to take some of your work home, then you should prefer laptop than a desktop computer because it makes the portability possible and can be carried easily in a bag or even by hand. When using computer for business, you should keep in mind that it is the business tool not a gaming portal or a media device to watch movies.

MS Office suite

Whether it is the matter of generating invoices, making daily reports or writing business letters, MS office suit is one of the tech essentials every business have. It sounds like an all in one solution for all types of businesses and companies apart from the size. It offers a lot of business benefits such as time management, email management, cresting professional looking business documents, making spreadsheets and business presentations etc.

Accounting software

If you need something more than MS office to manage your accounting data and reports, QuickBooks would be a reasonable and perfect option for you. It will help you determine how money is coming in your business and how you are spending it on different business expenditures. Having an accounting software helps you track all your business related financial data effectively and also provides accurate reports that are essential to effectively manage billing, inventory and employee payments etc.

External hard drive

You must have a local storage solution on hand when managing useful customer details and other business related data. An external hard drive is the best way to back up all your important data in order to prevent issues like computer breakdown or hard drive failure. It also makes the data transfer easier than ever as you can store and move more than 1 TB data by using an external hard drive.

MailChimp for email marketing

When you want to get the word out about your products or services via email, EmailChimp can come in handy as the best email marketing solution. It offers hundreds of professionally created email templates that can help you boost your email marketing efforts without spending lots of time and energy. It can be used to create email newsletters, introduction emails and many more. In simple words, it is a great tech essential every business must have apart from the type of business and size.

Offsite spam filtering

Billions of spam messages sent every day and it is one of the common problems all types of small businesses face. It always takes a lot of time to find useful business emails as a lot of spam messages are always there. However, a business can save its precious time and efforts by acquiring a best spam filtering service. It is something great that can block all spam messages to save the hours of business and keep employees doing other productive things to boost revenues.

All in one, Printer/scanner & copier

In some situations, you have to deal with paper work to make the business operations effective and productive. You may need to scan a business document, print a business letter or copy vital business document to maintain better business records. And having an all-in once machine that usually includes printer, scanner and photo copier can help you streamline business processes and save business costs as well.


Now you just have to remember only one password instead of keeping all them in your mind. Do you know how? Obviously with help of LastPass. It is something great that keeps track of all your business related and personal passwords at a place. It offers you a stress-free Internet experience, while making sure all your passwords are secured and protected from any third party. You can store login details of your several online and offline accounts in LastPass access them easily without forgetting vital login details.