Reasons Why you May be Denied your Physician Disability Insurance Claims.

While we get insurance for a lot of things, including our houses, lives, and cars, one thing we should not forget is that we might end up not being able to practice our profession because of a physical disability. Because of this unforeseen circumstances, a lot of physicians take insurance to cover this as well. But just like a car and house insurance claims, physician disability insurance claims might be rejected in some cases; here then, are a few reasons that lead to such rejections.

Late filing of claims

Just like a car or home insurance policies, there is a timeframe for filing of disability insurance claims. Filing claims beyond the time stipulated by your insurance agency might deny you the right to your claims.

Diagnosing disparities between doctors

A physician disability insurance claim comes with your doctor’s diagnosis and an insurance agency’s doctor’s diagnosis as well. In some cases, there might be a disagreement in the outcome of these diagnoses and that might make you lose your claims to your agency.

Inadequate or missing paperwork

To be able to have your claims paid, you need to gather a lot of documents, including your medical records, your insurance agency’s claim form, and your treatment notes. You will be denied the required claims if your documents are missing or when the information you provided is not enough to justify your claims.

Fraudulent information

In order to claim their insurance claims ‘at all cost’, many people tend to give false information about their details. When you lie about your details to the insurance company, you will be denied your claims. Additionally, it is also a crime to provide false information about yourself and you might face legal charges if the word gets out.

Refusal to follow-up on your treatment

Insurance companies hate it when you don’t follow-up on your treatment when there is a prescription in the event of a disability. These agencies are normally aware of the treatment and will do anything to deny giving out your claims if you are found falling out of treatment. Additionally, you will be denied any claims if you engage in other health-related activities that are not approved by your doctor.

There are other reasons that will give your insurance company the ability to deny paying your physician disability insurance claims. In some cases, your insurance reviewer will not find the objectives to pay out claims, especially when you report the case yourself without proper documentation. You will also be denied your claims if you refuse to meet the elimination period, which spans between thirty days to six months.


In claiming your physician disability insurance, there are a lot of paperwork, medical reports, and requirements to meet. If you find it difficult dissecting all the details, it will be good to seek expert advice on the steps to take in order to claim what belongs to you. Improper paperwork, lack of authentic medical records, fraudulent information, and late filing are some of the factors that will get your claims denied.