Ways to Improve Your Catalog Game

The business catalog continues to be an excellent way for marketers to reach their target audience, whether that audience consists of individual consumers or other businesses. Smart business owners are aware of the benefits of marketing through various channels to hit their customers in a number of ways. As a result, the catalog becomes an important link in a chain that might also include traditional media advertising and digital marketing as well.

One of the reasons that catalog marketing is so effective is that it allows business to reach out directly to their customers, many of which have already either purchased a product or service from the business or at least have shown an interest in doing so. Since these potential customers have the potential for providing that all-important repeat business, it’s important that business owners make sure that they’re doing all they can to produce an exceptional catalog, in terms of content, design, and messaging.

If you need help refining your business catalog, Prodalist automatic catalog software can give you practically everything you need in terms of the capability to do it.(Plus you can also help your business with the create app feature.) It’s just up to you to provide the ideas and imagination, so here are some tips that can help you down that road.

Content Is King

Many business owners like to keep their catalog simple with just information about the products or services they’re selling. But those folks might be wasting an opportunity to engage their customers with rich content. Profiles of people connected to the business or fun information tangentially related to the products being sold can make the catalog seem as entertaining as it is informative. That means that customers will look forward to its arrival in the mail and will be more likely to develop a positive relationship with the brand. That translates directly into sales.

Direct Targeting

Not every customer is the same, so it can be a good idea, if it’s feasible, to produce multiple catalogs tailored to specific segments of your clientele. A customer interested in one aspect of your business, such as certain products, might be better served by a slimmed-down catalog that concentrates on this area. In addition to the increased likelihood that such a targeted catalog will attract their attention, it also strengthens the chance that the customer will feel like the subject of special treatment. And, again, that can only increase the chance that they’ll be giving you more business down the road.

The Little Things

Little touches that you might not consider can make the difference between a catalog that hits its target and one that gets tossed aside or trashed. For example, you might include a return envelope with postage included for your business clients to show that you’re considering the costs they might incur, even small ones. In addition, the people who like catalogs in the mail also might be more likely to prefer doing their business through the mail. So perhaps an included print order form could spur sales from the catalog. These tiny touches can make a huge difference.

Don’t let your catalog fall behind others in your market. Think of the above considerations, use a little imagination, and prepare to reap the rewards of marketing via your catalog.