Introduction to the Careers with No Patient Contact in Medical Industry

The Healthcare industry is growing. If you are interested in making a career path in the said industry but don’t have medical skills, no need to worry, there are a lot of careers with no patient contact. You can help the local staff with their ongoing routine by taking any of the following roles. Hope these help you out.

Medical Billing

You can become a billing specialist, coder, or insurance verifier. All three of these jobs belong to Medical Billing and Coding. This is is also an integral aspect of health care. When it comes to billing the insurance company, patient or any party, the industry needs correct billing and coding.

  • Billing specialists oversee medical bill processing and communicate with insurance companies or customers to ensure payments are made on time.
  • Medical Billers and coders are very similar to billing specialist, but they are responsible for coding patient information to be paid.
  • Medical insurance verifier is needed to handle patient insurance claims. He makes sure the claims are coded in the right way to communicate with the company.

Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT employs clinical documentation specialists, document imaging technician, and health information clerk. If you are interested in the technology aspect of the healthcare industry, these jobs might be for you.

  • Clinical Documentation Specialists are responsible for management of patient information. Such information is stored in Electronic Medical Records. The Specialists maintain EMR for accuracy and ensure quick and easy access.
  • Document Imaging Technician is responsible for taking care of physical documents to electronic form. The healthcare industry has made the shift from conventional storage to digital, but it needs professional document imaging to keep it that way.
  • Health Information Clerk manages and maintains EMRS. They check for accuracy and offers instant access to physicians and other professionals.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management is another type that offers careers with no patient contact which includes Front Desk Administrator, Medical Billing Supervisor, and Office Manager.

  • The Front Desk Supervisor oversees front desk of the Healthcare office. The tasks consist of managing the front desk staff and working operation checklist.
  • Medical Billing Supervisors ensures the billing codes are entered properly. This helps to render the service payment. They also help take charge of billing issues and mistakes.
  • Office Supervisors are responsible for filing clerical work, information and more to ensure the office staff works properly. This role expands to keeping track of inventory, budget, and taking care of billing issues. For someone working in this department, they are needed to coordinate with professionals in direct contact with patients.

Healthcare Technology and Systems

Healthcare Technology and Systems cover the positions of Help Desk Analyst, Medical Software Technician, and Application Support Specialist.

  • Help Desk Analyst is responsible for dealing with IT issues in the office. They identify technical issues and offers solutions to employees.
  • Medical Software technician helps with the healthcare offices and organization by managing software installation and program maintenance. They also troubleshoot upgrades.
  • Application Support Specialist helps employees to put different programs into use within the office.