3 Safety Management Software Options for Businesses

Businesses must make their workplace as safe as possible for employees, and the premises also needs to be safe for any patrons who may come into the business. Lack of proper safety measures can lead a business to suffer:

  • Fines
  • Lawsuits
  • Closure

Keeping on top of your business’s safety curbs your risks and allows you to operate in full compliance of the law.

A few of the many software packages that can help your business remain compliant are:

1. IndustrySafe

IndustrySafe is a safety management suite that allows businesses to track core safety data requirements. This information is required by your industry, and there are several add-on options to better tailor the software to your business’s needs.

IndustrySafe offers features for:

  • Incident management
  • OSHA Logs
  • Training
  • Hazards
  • Inspections
  • Claims

There’s also job safety analysis and corrective actions, which can also be taken. These modules also allow for mobile app use and an easy-to-use dashboard that allows for full reporting. The company offers an in-depth assessment of a business’s safety needs and will also assist a company with integrating their software into existing data sources.

The software is affordable and is offered in a monthly pricing option.

2. Intelex Health & Safety Management

Intelex aims to make every workplace safe, and this is done through a streamlined process that follows four basic steps:

  1. Initial report
  2. Investigation
  3. Risk mitigation
  4. Closure

The software is designed to lower the risks of injuries in an organization, and it’s also used to help alleviate potential lawsuits against a business. The company’s software provides options for:

  • Training management
  • Document control
  • Safety meetings

Complex reports can be made inside of Intelex, and the software package also includes: EHS incidents, occupation injury and illness, safety objectives and targets and vehicle incidents. Safety policies can also be placed inside the database.

The company offers solutions for a wide array of industries as well as automotive options, where human error accounts for 87% of automotive accidents.

3. ZeraWare Safety Software

ZeraWare offers a software package that aims to do three main things:

  1. Prevent future accidents
  2. Ensure that a company is maintaining OSHA compliance
  3. Streamline safety management tasks

The software is also offered in modular form so that the software can be designed for a business’s specific needs. The modules include three options:

  • Incident Report – A feature-rich option to track all incident reports. This option allows you to document the details of an incident quickly, customize data fields, attach documents, photos and videos, and compile your business’s safety data in seconds. You can also use the data to analyze trends in the workplace and increase safety further.
  • Accident Investigation – Another module that aims to help identify the causes of an accident and find the root cause their in-depth analysis. The investigation module also has options to attach photos, videos and documents as well as assign and track corrective measures.
  • Safety Inspection – The safety inspection module allows users to customize all of their inspection checklists, identify hazards, attach documents, photos and video and also sort details to discover and correct repeat problems. Corrective actions can also be tracked to safeguard a business against potential negligence lawsuits.

You’ll also find a complete module that helps the user manage safety training and ensure that mandatory training is always kept up-to-date. The module does offer notifications when retraining is due, and expired training will also produce a notification.

OSHA compliance is the final module offered by the company and it ensures that you can track corrective actions, ensure compliance, customize audits and even alert the manager when training is due.

Risk management and safety software are both very important for small and large businesses. Proper safety actions, when documented and followed, allow a business to ensure that they’re able to keep the workplace as safe as possible at all times.

Businesses that fail to document training, incidents, accidents and even worker’s compensation requests may find themselves entangled in a lawsuit that comes with hefty fines and settlements.

Software makes it easy to track, investigate and close incidents in a way that meets local and federal guidelines. Modules allow businesses to pick and choose the safety features that they need in their industry to keep costs down and streamline the input process.