How to Set Up a New Business Using Cloud Services

The availability of advanced cloud based services has made it possible for new businesses to use cloud services as compared to what was the norm in previous years. Today, companies do not necessarily require expansive budgets to use cloud services. The whole process of cloud servicing has been simplified by the availability of inexpensive cloud storages opportunities from numerous companies including; Sugarsync, ZipCloud and Setting up your new business using cloud services can be more rewarding in terms of taking your business to the next level.

Here are 5 vital tips on how to set up a new business using cloud services;

1. Register the Necessary Domains

The first requirement involves the registration of a valid domain name bearing your brand. This can be done through the help of reputable ICANN-accredited domain registrars .Your new domain name should bear your name as the business owner or that of your trusted partners. Registering your domain directly through reputable registrars like; Name cheap, GoDaddy or eNom can protect you from paying exorbitant amounts of money in service fees. Going through such registrars helps you to regain full control of your company’s domain. The best option is setting your domain with a well-recognized cloud based service that can comfortably host the shortened URL for your business.

2. Focus on solidifying your social media presence

It is extremely difficult to remain competitive in business today without a solid social media presence. You should be able to promote your business or brand on social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram among others. It would be suicidal for any entrepreneur to overlook the power of social media in growing any business. Your company’s social media pages have to be updated on a regular basis to attract increased web traffic to your business. Having a strong social media presence can make all the difference for your new business. Millions of potential customers are always logged into one of the most common social media platforms which increase your chances of attracting the right crowd to your business.

3. Enable Email Service

Setting up a new business using cloud services requires a functional email service. You can opt to have single or multiple Google Gmail or Exchange online accounts provided you can manage them effectively. Interestingly, the two email services are very similar in numerous ways. One of the most significant similarities between these two is that they can all be accessed via a web browser from anywhere. Exchange server can be deployed in the cloud and is fully supported by Outlook client app on desktops. Consequently, it results in increased productivity as a result of its powerful built in support for tasks, notes, calendars and contacts. You will need a well- attended email address to communicate with your potential customers. Email services make it possible for companies to get feedback from their niche customers leading to improved brands, products or services.

4. Set Up the Small Business Website

In a modern business setting, it is impossible to stay ahead of the pack without a website. An ideal business website should support MySQL database server to set up blog easy. Apache is the most popular web server used by many small businesses. A Content distribution network (CDN) like Cloud Flare is excellent for businesses with a high traffic of customers. It also leads to increased website speed, enhanced performance and better protection from possible hackers. For effectiveness, it is worth considering opting for commercial full-service offerings such as Joomla, Drupal, MovableType and due to their bandwidth, maintenance and hosting abilities.

5. Activate the Privacy button on Cloud Storage

The storage of your business documents has to be confidential to avoid unnecessary complications. In a world of hackers, one should be extremely careful when storing confidential data files in the cloud.SpiderOak is the most recommended cloud storage provider for businesses that value their confidentiality. The good thing about SpiderOak is that when data is encrypted, it cannot access them on its storage facilities. There are some cloud services which expose sensitive documents to hackers .It is prudent to have a back-up offline data archive to protect your sensitive files from malicious hackers, sabotage, and editing from your business online storage cloud. The last thing you want in your life as a start-up entrepreneur using cloud services is to have your company’s confidential documents leaked to your rivals by malicious people. Activating the privacy option ensures your sensitive documents safety.


Setting up your new business using Cloud services can have numerous benefits to your company including; reduced costs, improved flexibility, better information sharing, file storage including audio & video files, business automation, and data back-up among many others. Cloud could be the missing link between your business and success. Make good use of the information above to find the best cloud storage and see the difference it makes for your company.