Michael Valor, The Prince of Pizza, takes Hospitality by Storm

If you work in the advertising or digital marketing field, you might have come across several interviews, articles, or videos of Michael Valor. CEO and Founder of Valor Media, Michael founded several successful startups.

However, his branding and social media marketing agency, Valor Media is shaping new ground in the corporate hospitality space. By locking in deals with large franchises like Johnny’s Pizza, Chronic Tacos Enterprises, and the Stoner’s Pizza franchise, Valor is revolutionizing how restaurants do their marketing. In a space that he considers to be “missing key ingredients,” he has developed a product offering that can guarantee hard results for restaurants in fast-casual all the way to fine dining.

Valor Media has made a modular package to automate one on one interactions to build customer loyalty and create returning customers for every establishment that he’s worked with. The restaurant space is massive and was ready for a new face. Valor saw this opportunity to move swiftly and to defeat larger companies like former Main Street Hub, now Go Daddy Social, in the restaurant marketing space. Valor created a product offering that has competitive pricing and training and human resources that cannot be duplicated by the larger companies with their set in stone policies and heavy operations costs.

“They just can’t win” says Valor remarking on his competitor’s lack of understanding and excessive mechanical actions.“We have pushed a new culture of 24/7 Best Friend Customer service. My clients are not calling a 1-800 number. They speak to me, or another friendly face that they trust with their success. We take this very seriously at Valor Media. We are nothing if not grassroots. We have seen individual operators struggling to make ends meet and we know that thousands of their customers exist all around them. The question was, how do we make the touch?”

In the form of Valor Media, it is Michael’s vision to prioritize his clients first and then understand where the world is heading. He believes that if he focuses on what the clients and their audiences want, he can help brands remain relevant and cut through the noise that restaurants face without the proper know-how. This allows them to focus more on what matters and to acquire a trusted eye to have their back.

“We operate aggressively and with speed, but a friendly touch that leaves customers, clients, and partners in the company of friends. Valor seeks to obtain market share in the restaurant marketing space and to be the face of a movement in change within the hospitality industry.