Bingo! The Game that Keeps Evolving

When you think of bingo, you might think of senior citizens in a large community hall listening to a host calling out numbers.

While this has been the traditional method of playing bingo for generations, bingo games have actually been evolving over time, transitioning from the basic board game concept to even becoming a major online gaming community dealing in high-stakes and serious players.

Read on to discover how the common concept of bingo has changed over the years, and what might become of it in the future.

Where It All Began

Bingo began centuries ago, not considered to be much different from what many know as the family-friendly game of bingo today. The basic framework of the game seemingly still rang true to today’s version, with each player holding onto a patterned chart filled in with numbers.

A host then calls out various numbers at random, nowadays generally chosen from a spinning circular cage of lottery balls, and players are expected to find the matching number on their bingo cards to eventually form a winning row, calling out “Bingo!” to announce their victory.

The early concept of bingo began as a national lottery in 1500’s Italy, thereafter traveling to France in the 1770’s and even becoming a helpful educational aid in Germany in the 1800’s.

Once bingo games finally arrived in America in the 1920’s, it started to gain popularity, never losing its grip on eager players and staying a favorite family-fun activity all the way through to present day.

Formerly known as “Beano,” the game was introduced by way of a traveling carnival in Georgia, where a man by the name of Edwin S. Lowe was captivated by its simple yet enjoyable concept.

Bringing the game back with him to New York and introducing it to Columbia University mathematics professor Carl Leffler as “Bingo,” the two teamed up to bring more attention to the game by creating thousands of different bingo card variations to keep people interested in playing the game long-term.

Once the idea of bingo spread, it started making the rounds in church fundraisers, where it has continued to reign as a beloved activity for decades.

Aside from still being a mainstay at church functions today, bingo also became a national tradition in senior citizen communities, as well as a fixture in most American family households.

Now, when people think bingo, it still holds a special place in the hearts of millions, reminding people of their childhoods and inviting nostalgic feelings of times past.

How It’s Stayed Mainstream

While bingo halls are still quite prevalent around the world, with many offering live music shows and even livelier hosts to keep the game interesting and exciting, the game itself has expanded beyond the simple community center and has become a global online sensation.

After the advent of the internet and the introduction of online gaming started to include casino games and gambling opportunities, the familiar concept of bingo was undeniably going to become a fixture of the online world in no time at all.

Bingo cards, also considered to be tickets, can be sold in the same way as lotteries, offering players the chance to either play for free in bustling communities or to place bets with money in online gambling arenas.

Now, when people think bingo, they think of sitting down at their computers and spending hours playing and listening for the right numbers to win, or going to bingo clubs and playing their cards on digital tablets. The game can be played on various technological formats, allowing for people to play bingo games in a myriad of ways to keep the business thriving for years to come.

Now that mobile apps and 4K-level viewing of bingo is becoming a reality, the beloved game is managing to stay mainstream, with new generations of people enjoying its entertaining premise in the digital age.

This ensures the viability of bingo, leaving no doubt that it will continue to stay a big-money business even as the world continues to modernize and transform into technological formats. The key is attracting newer, younger crowds that can keep the game consistently popular, and as it makes its way onto social media platforms and other various outlets, there’s no denying its ability to stay as a top contender in the gaming world, whether online or off.

Try It for Yourself

If you’ve never had the opportunity to play bingo, learning its simple rules and trying it for yourself is a surefire way to understanding how the game has become a worldwide sensation.

However you choose to play, whether through online versions or the traditional lottery-ball-and-numbered-card format, you’re sure to find plenty of entertainment from a simple yet thrilling game that’s lasted for centuries.

When you’re looking for a great way to bring your family together during the holidays or you’re simply passing the time during solitary moments, bingo games can bring hours of fun and excitement.