15 Top Notch Business Ideas for Ladies with Low Investment in India

If you’re filled up with motivation to be an entrepreneur or to start your own business, investment can never be an obstacle for you. In today’s era, women think that they can’t begin their venture because they think getting funding is a big deal. No that’s entirely an illusion. In this context, the quote “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” fits in. Here are some business ideas for women at home in India to give a strong foundation to their entrepreneurial career.

Women in India have exceptional abilities in management. Most of them have to manage their homes, finances and executing the planned home budget. They do it brilliantly. This is all that you need to establish a business to have some extra income. Depending on a single way of income is not a smart act. Here we are showing you top-notch business ideas for women at home in India through which you can easily set up an extra source of income to secure your and your family future.

Following ideas of a side business for ladies in India can help achieve the desired financial goal in a brief time.


This is the best idea if you want to have a good income at low investment. Now you might think that opening a Boutique needs a grand investment in order to give it an impressive look so that you can get a good number of customers. No this is anything but an assumption it ultimately depends on where you’re trying to have a boutique. If you’re planning to have it in your own house new design and your communication will do everything.

But make sure you can explain to your customer the fashion trends and about your product’s quality in a style that he can’t deny purchasing that thing from you.

Beauty Parlor

The fashion industry is thriving at a rapid pace, and the need for beauticians and parlors is also increasing day by day. Most of the women want to have an impressive look but can’t afford expensive beauty salons and their treatments. Turning your room into a salon can also give you a handsome income.

Fitness Center (Gym)

No one can have an impressive look if he/she is not fit. The craze of fitness is also on its peak. You can leverage by setting a gym. Yes, this idea is a bit expensive, but this is one-time investment businesses which can give you return for the long term. You can set up fitness after having a loan from a bank, and if you go for a training course, then it will be extremely beneficial in this case.


Everyone has an in-depth knowledge of something. It can be anything like how parenting affects the future of the child, the relationship understanding and making a good career. If you have such expertise, then consultancy is the best idea for you. You can make your office in any small room can start a consultation service.

Internet Business

The Internet is the modern market whether you think about shopping or hiring someone for any other service you can get it through the internet. But wait you can’t only hire someone, but you can be hired as well. You can offer services like blog writing, course material and can set up an e-store to be an entrepreneur.

Lawn Care expert

If you’re one who loves keeping environment green than no other than being a lawn care expert is a better option for you. Most importantly, you don’t need a huge investment or experience to give it a start. All you need is some equipment and an enthusiastic mindset.

Virtual Assistant

There are many startups like who doesn’t have too much investment to hire a person. They outsource their tasks like email organization, social media scheduling or any service which can be done without visiting the office. If you have such skills which are required to do that task professionally earning money at home will be extremely easy for you.

Social Media Influencer

If you have a huge fan base on your, any social media account they can make your social media influencer. For this, you have to do nothing but posting about brands or products and promoting them by giving a personal message.

Event Planner

This business is exceptionally leveraging for those who know to communicate and understand people. If you have a good understanding of people and how to handle their requirements you can enter the event planning market and can rule it.

Personal Trainer

If you love to stay fit and healthy and want to earn some extra money from your passion then being a personal trainer can be beneficial for you. You can start as a personal trainer in a home gym or can join a commercial gym.


If teaching seems natural to you, then you can start home tutor business. You can give classes from your home.

T-shirt Designer

For those who have a good sense of style and want to start their range of t-shirts, t-shirt designing can be their thing. You can quickly go to a website which is offering custom design and can give your design to them. After getting the supply of your order, you can quickly sell them either from your home or through the internet.

Meal Preparation Service

Setting a meal preparation business is not a bad idea at all. You can prepare it and sell it. You need a kitchen equipped excellently and some licenses related to food serving the business. They don’t cost much money.

Dance Instructor

If you are skilled with a variety of dance movements and passionate to teach, you can start private dance classes from your home. You can also join a local studio where you can offer your dance class service.

Affiliate Marketer

If you have in-depth knowledge about some products, then you can start your affiliate marketing business. Attain mastery in some specific public need and join an affiliate program of any company making which is selling that product. You will earn a particular amount of money on each sale.

Must remember

Going to start a business is not that easy as it seems. You have to compromise with many things and dedicate yourself fully to leverage it. Sometimes, you won’t get success easily and right away in the case of setting a boutique and gym getting loyal customers is quite tough. Don’t lose your motivation and hope to be a change. You can be a change you want to see in society!


Here we explained Top Business ideas Startups for women and for college students also. We hope all these simple businesses for ladies can turn into the best small businesses for women at home so that they can make a respectable income. No matter if you are a girl or a housewife these ideas of businesses for women at home in India will be equally beneficial for both.