How Do You Buy the Right Bra? Simple Tips to Remember!

Women always have the desire to look and feel good. Merely wearing the right dress is not important for you to look good. Underwear too plays a vital role in boosting your looks and self-esteem. One of the most important pieces of underwear every woman should pay attention to is her bra. If she wears the wrong bra, she will end up looking terrible, and her looks and self-esteem will be hampered drastically!

Buying the right bra for your needs!

The bra you choose should always be of the right size and fit. If you wear the wrong bra, it ruins the appearance of your outfit. Professionals in fashion say that the tell-tale signs of wearing the wrong bra is its underwire poking at your breast sides, loose straps that slip over your shoulders, cup spillage, and bras that go up when you lift your arms. Again, if you gain or lose weight, change your diet or are pregnant, it comes all the more essential for you to change your bra. If you are not sure on the right bra size, you should consult professional bra experts or take a measuring tape to measure yourself correctly. Now, the question is how?

How should you measure yourself to find out the right bra size?

The following are simple but powerful steps for you to measure your bra size and get the right fit for your needs-

Band size

When you are not wearing a padded bra or are braless take the measuring tape and measure your torso under the bust where the bra will sit. Make sure you level the measuring tape so that it is in place. You should round the figure to the next number. For even numbers add 4 to that number and for odd numbers, add 5. The band size is the total sum of this calculation. This means if you had measured 32 inches, the size of the band of the bra is 36 inches. In case you get 33 inches, your band size of the bra is 38 inches.

Bust size

The second step is to take the size of your bust. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest size of your bust. Wrap the tape around your nipples and stop at the nearest round number. In this way, you get accurate measurements.

The size of your cup

You should minus the band size from the measurement of your bust. If you take a look at any bra size chart, you will find that the inches are listed from 1 to 7 with alphabets A to G. For instance, if your bust size is 37 inches and your band size is 34 inches, your result after subtraction is 3 inches. This means you are a 34C. Now, you need to check whether the particular style of bra fits you or not. You should try the following tips-

  • Bend forward to the waist – Slip the bra on and hook it. Make sure your bras are in the cups while you bend forward.
  • Adjusting the band – make sure that the back of your bra is at the same level as the front
  • Check to see if the bra is loose – You should be able to slide a single finger under the band of the bra.
  • Fix the straps – Make sure the straps do not fall on your shoulders. Fix them.
  • Put a shirt that is close fitting over the bra – Check to see your breasts- are they bulging? If yes, you need to get the correct size.
  • Check yourself sideways in the mirror – Your breasts should be in the middle of your shoulder levels and elbows. If they are not in the right place, change into a new bra.

Remember, in case you have to do down a size when it comes to the cup for the perfect fit, choose the next band size and vice versa. For instance, if you find 34C big, opt for 36B. Choose the bra that fits you perfectly when you secure it well with the outermost hook. The bra will become loose with the passage of time, and it is here that you will use the tightest hook in the future.

Most women often take their bra for granted. However, when you buy a bra make sure you do not overlook the features and tips discussed above. Always buy bras from reliable brands and companies. When you are making an online purchase, check the chart for bra size correctly. Make sure you read the product description well as in case you need to change it, there should be no hassles.

Professional fitting experts – Do not be afraid to consult them

Remember, as your body changes, so do your breasts. This is why you should regularly take measurements for getting the right bra size. There are professional fitting experts available at lingerie stores. They are friendly ladies who help you determine your bra size professionally for free. Do not be embarrassed if you are not able to measure the size of your breasts correctly to get the right fitting bra. These lingerie stores have several styles and brands. You can always find a design and style that fits you with success. If you are pregnant or have undergone hormonal therapy, make sure that you get yourself professionally measured. There are special maternity bras available for women who are pregnant for comfort during this phase.

Therefore, when it comes to fashion and looking good, make sure you buy the right bra for your needs. The style, comfort, and fit should make you feel and look good. There are several styles of bras available in local and online stores. When you are shopping from online stores, make sure you know your size well. Note that different styles will fit you differently. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for a bra online. In case, if confusion, ask professionals to aid and assist you in making the right purchase!