Breathtaking Las Vegas: The Perfect Places for Thrill-Seekers

Las Vegas is the most popular holiday destination of global importance. It happily greets each of the visitors and offers to plunge into the amazing atmosphere of universal contentment and prodigality.

There are countless casinos and nightclubs shimmering with colored lights, a huge number of hotels designed for any taste and financial opportunities, a mega-bowling club with a hundred lanes and even a real tropical oasis inhabited by several hundreds of exotic animals situated in the very center of the city. Of course, the entertainment city hasn’t forgotten about thrill-seekers. For them, several interesting places were prepared in Las Vegas…

Adventuredome Theme Park

As you know, Las Vegas is full of luxury hotels. In one of these hotels, called “Circus Circus” you’ll find the whole entertainment park for family holidays – Adventuredome Theme Park. Its main distinguishing feature from other similar theme parks is the presence of a pink glass dome, under which 25 attractions from children’s merry-go-rounds to extreme roller coasters are located. The fans of adrenaline entertainment, of course, will love the slides with a double dead loop, called “Canyon Blaster”. These are the highest slides in the world situated in an enclosed space.

Another unpredictable ride is “Chaos”. It moves in three directions, which will make even experienced extreme fans get worried. “Inverter” is the next popular disturbing attraction – it requires a not weak intestine, since moving cabins constantly change the force of acceleration and repeatedly make unexpected sharp turns.

So, and the latest novelty of Adventuredome is the water attraction called “Rim Runner”. Its creators offer the guests of the complex to cool down a bit and make an unforgettable leap over an 18-meter-high waterfall.

In addition to all kinds of attractions, the theme of dinosaurs is widely disclosed in the park. Surprisingly realistic exhibits will make you shudder at the power and grandeur of these extinct animals. Even playing in the children’s sandbox you can find the remains of fossil dinosaurs.

The fans of quiet secluded relaxation will enjoy the 18-hole mini-golf course and the IMAX cinema, which will showcase the latest in box-office films.

The exact address of Adventuredome Theme Park is 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd. Since a large parking is provided, NU car rental will be the best way to reach the park quickly. The doors of Adventuredome are open on any day of the week, not only for the guests of the Circus Circus Hotel, but for all who wish to experience unforgettable adventures. The cost of the ticket is $22 for an adult visitor and $15 for a kid.

Stratosphere Thrill Rides

The peculiarity of this entertainment complex is its unique location. The fact is that Thrill Rides is located on the tallest observation tower in the United States of America – Stratosphere Tower, which, together with the spire reaches the height of 350 meters. From this spot, you can enjoy an impressive panorama of Las Vegas that looks especially beautiful at night. Therefore, while taking into consideration the specific location of Stratosphere Thrill Rides, we can safely talk about its extreme nature.

One of the most popular rides of this complex is a mad jump from a 108-storey building, which reaches 260 meters in height. The jump is fully controlled and performed by attaching to a high-speed rope. Having decided to try such activity, you will experience the whole range of bright emotions and an unforgettable magical feeling of free flight.

Another ride is called “Big Shot”, and it’s no less extreme. A catapult located at an altitude of 329 meters, shoots passengers into the sky for another 50 meters at a speed of 90 km/h. Then there’s a no less rapid fall and a sharp rise again up into the sky. Such accelerations and sudden braking occur several times, during which 15 brave souls experience significant overload and a huge adrenaline rush.

Located at a height of 264 meters, the next noteworthy ride is called “X-Scream“. It’s a giant swing, which extends beyond the edges of the tower. While swaying, the passengers soar for a few seconds into the sky and then screaming hysterically come back.

Well, what kind of entertainment complex can do without the beloved carousel? In this regard, the Stratosphere Thrill Rides didn’t become an exception, having opened “Insanity the Ride” in 2005 at the level of a 110-story skyscraper. Therefore, if taking into consideration the height of the attraction, the usual rotation in a circle and the absence of footrests turn the ride into a mega-disturbing experience at the corner speed of 65 km/h.

As you can see, Stratosphere Thrill Rides is designed exclusively for desperate brave men, ready for the wildest adventures in their lives. It’s located at 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd. Visitors pay for the ticket when entering the tower, and then they choose where to go, whether to dine in a rotating restaurant or to enjoy extreme on the rides.