4 marketing tips for startup entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship takes courage and creativity, two qualities that arouse admiration and explain the overwhelming success of the Uber or Snapchat of this world. But these great ideas wouldn’t get anywhere without proper marketing. You don’t need a big budget or something extraordinary. Let’s get started

1. Maximize your target audience using Facebook

For those in the B2C ecosystem, you will learn that Facebook is a powerful business intelligence tool. Whether it’s demography, interest or geolocation, there’s virtually no limit to the possible segmentation this platform can provide you. … By testing your ads with dozens, or even hundreds of different people, you will get a better view of your product, what category it satisfies, and how to scale your operations for maximum success.

2. Be constantly looking for feedback

If you want to succeed in the startup ecosystem, you need to hear from your customers about how they see your products, services, or ideas. Successful start-ups are those that are constantly looking for feedback to help them increase their conversion rate. To achieve this, all channels must be involved: chat, online surveys, social media, discussion groups, etc. You need to be proactive and get your customers talking.

3. Cultivate the “it’s good enough” culture

“It’s good enough” is a concept that is so difficult to accept, especially by entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Don’t compare that small idea of yours to Uber, Facebook, or SpaceX yet, just focus on the little you can do at the moment and just roll out the idea. It is always better to test smaller initiatives that might appear imperfect to you than to wait for the supposedly extraordinary concept that will take months to implement. Let us never forget that the concept we might perceive as perfect, in some cases, might not be so.

4. Make informed judgments, and make it fast

Just as in every sphere of life, it is difficult to make decisions as an entrepreneur. For fear of mistakes or lack of information, we always want to wait for the right moment, which ends up never coming. The decision might be tough, like deleting a portion of your email database that is not performing. Abandoning a social media platform that doesn’t generate the expected leads. Pulling the plug on an AdWords campaign that is eating your funds and bringing in less.

Yes it is difficult but you have to take the decision anyway if you want to succeed. However, in order to make the right choice, be sure to base your decisions on performance indicators and relevant data. Objective information is the basis of all rational decisions and allows you to decide what to throw away and what to keep.

In short, speed, agility, and boldness form a key part of successful startup marketing, and you should cultivate those habits.