5 Ways Artists Can Use Social Media to Their Advantage

Social Media is a world on its own and carries infinite possibilities. This is the reason that many people from different walks of life have used the many platforms of social media to their advantage. Almost every profession now days depend on social media for their marketing strategy because it it’s the quickest way to spread message about your product. This holds true even for artists who create some truly amazing pieces of art. It is time to give your paintings a little more exposure and attention through social media and we are here to show you how.

1. Make Your Online Presence Felt

The first step is to set up an online profile on a social media platform. Choose the outlet first and this can be anything from Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter etc. Instagram and Facebook are more famous among artists and many of them already have a profile on both these platforms. This is because Facebook is more popular among the masses and almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. Therefore when you choose Facebook as an online platform, you are able to reach more people. Instagram is popular because it helps you to showcase your work more prominently and concentrate only on the thing that matters—your art.

2. Design Your Campaign According to The Platform You Choose

You need to utilize the tools that your business profile allows you on your chosen online platform. Take Facebook for example which has offers you paid advertising as an option when you set up a business page. When you pay Facebook to promote your page, it improves the visibility of your page among relevant people. This helps you reach out to people who will be willing to buy your product.

3. Personalize Your Page to Attract More People

Appearance matters a lot when you set up a page on any platform. This is especially true for online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest which are image intrinsic. For example when you want to promote your Instagram page and attract more followers, try to put more high resolution pictures in your profile. Try to create interesting mosaic tiles on your profile. Your profile picture and short bio is also important as it can help create a good first impression. Artists have a good advantage when they post on image intrinsic online portals as they can exploit their creativity to the maximum. To take some pointers, visit GalleryToday on Facebook. You can look at the layout to gain some insight on how to personalize your page.

4. Decide What and How to Post

When you start posting always use hash tags that your potential clients are likely to search. Be careful to not use too many of them and try to keep a balance. Most popular bloggers use a maximum of two to four hash tags for their posts.

The other trick to gain more followers is to engage with other people in your niche. Like their posts and follow them and chances are that they will follow you back!

5. Remember That Every Platform Is Different

All social media platforms work differently and are targeted at different age groups or genders. You need to decide your target audience well in advance before you choose your platform for promotion. Artists generally use Instagram and Facebook as these platforms help them showcase their work and also attract relevant clients.

This last point is important because it can make or break your social media promotion strategy. If you decide to promote on a platform that does not cater to artists or does not have relevant clients then all your efforts would go to waste.

So these were some ways in which budding artists can use social media to their advantage and gain more clients.