3 ways to make your business website stand out

In today’s business world it is pretty much essential to have a website. However, in order to put your best foot forward, it is important to make sure you ensure your site looks professional and is easy to navigate. You only get one chance to make a first impression and as your website is essentially your online shop front, your customers will either be enticed or put off by it. Here are a few ways that you can make your business website stand out.

1. Keep it simple

Elaborate web design, flashing logos and overkill on videos might show that you have picked a web designer who has skills but it is likely to overwhelm your customers. They might not know where to click or what to do and unfortunately all singing all dancing websites often take a long time to load. Furthermore, with extensive features, there is more chance of something going wrong. Some of the most popular websites have simple designs and are easy to navigate. Think about what you want your customers/visitors to know, what you want to say about your brand and what you want them to know when they arrive.

2. Follow Google’s rules

Search engines have one purpose; to help their visitors to find what they are looking for and to do this they have strict rules. Google is the most popular search engine and in order to be found on there, you must offer quality content. The information on your site needs to be original and not copied from your competitors. Furthermore, it is important that it is relevant to your visitors, so anything you place on your page is related to your service or product. Give the search engine what it wants and you will rank well. Annoy it and it will punish you by burying your site. If you are inexperienced or unsure then it is a good idea to contact an SEO Agency for help and advice rather than risk making mistakes that could cost your business money.

3. Help your customers/visitors

Helpful sites are popular because they solve problems and save time. Many people now Google their problems before contacting a professional so they have an idea of what to do. If you are selling a product or service then it is worth having a blog or a number of helpful articles on your site. It will drive traffic to your website and is a great way to maintain customers, get links from other sites and even obtain new customers. Make the articles relevant to your customers and where possible encourage them to buy your product or service. For example, if you sell hair products then provide tutorials to help them create a hairstyle or solve problems like dry hair or split ends. Don’t oversell and make sure that the information you give them is genuine and accurate. They will appreciate your helpful advice and might even reward you by making a purchase or by recommending your site to their friends and family or both. c