Magic Leap’s AR Device to Compete With Microsoft’s Hololens

It seems Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) device Hololens will soon have a competitor in Magic Leap – a US-based startup that released a new demo out of its long-awaited AR device that shows 3D infographics and floating phantom jellyfish.

The company has not released a pair of glasses yet and with Hololens, it is not the only company vying for the still nascent augmented or “mixed” reality market, reported.

The demo that looked like it has been captured straight out of a sci-fi movie showed that the user was able to send emails and texts through heads up displays, check out 3D infographics and diagrams, review projects and see phantom jellyfish floated around his desk.

According to Magic Leap representatives, the real game-changing technology is mixed reality not VR because they think “that people want to interact with the world that is already out there”.

Though there’s been no public demo of the product but demos for a certain target group helped the company raise $793.5 million in February.