If Cars Had Sex, This Is What Their Babies Would Look Like!

We’re tired of ‘what celebrity babies would look like’ and ‘fashion statements come together of 60s and 90s’ or whatever. We love cars. And it was time to put our unbelievably awesome photoshop skills togooduse.

So THIS is our great gift to the universe.

Let’s get started.

Mercarri GT-488

(Image Altered by Rahul Gupta)

Mercedes and Ferrari, German and Italian, sleek and powerful.

That is exactly what the Mercarri is as it borrows the smooth flowing body of a Ferrari 488 and the brawny, powerful motor from the Mercedes AMG GT-S. She’s pretty alright, but give it a challenge and it’ll beat you so bad that you’ll go Merc-ah-rri (get it?).

Jummer Grand H2

(Image Altered by Rahul Gupta)

What? Not all babies are beautiful. They are cute, yes, but then so is this – cutely high on testosterone.

If this car’s parents ever send it to school, it will bully the soul out of everyone. And with off-road capabilities of a Hummer H2 and the speed of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, it’ll chase its prey to the end of the world.

Lambogani Huaytador

(Image Altered by Rahul Gupta)

Both Lamborghini Aventador and Pagani Huayra are one of the swankiest cars in the world and we are sure that they got attracted to each other’s shiny rims and creative door-opening style (none of them open sideways).

The result of the happy-time they spent together is a car that just turned out to be almost better than its parents and we have no complaints.


(Image Altered by Rahul Gupta)

Beeni is the car that would have been bullied by the Jummer Grand H2 and the one who escaped it, thanks to the compact dimensions and the ‘Dune’ gene in it.

When two iconic ‘cute’ cars like the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle come together, their li’l one is bound to be cuter than all the baby and cat videos that you have spammed your friends’ timelines with.

Bugigsegg Veyera

(Image Altered by Rahul Gupta)

We are particularly proud of the name we have given to this beast and honestly, we are not sure who the daddy in this relationship was.

But that aside, you might say that the fastest car in the world (Bugatti Veyron) and its biggest rival (Koenigsegg Regera) don’t really seem like bed buddies, but maybe they had a heated argument over who’s got more power and got drunk and things got out of hand.

Basically, it doesn’t really matter because the Bugigsegg Veyera is just too cool, just like all the other cars on our list. What do you think?