Startup puts your health records onto Google Glass

Drchrono, a Moutain View, California startup has developed an application that let’s a doctor register with them and use their Google Glass to record a consultation or surgery with a patient’s permission. Videos, photos, and notes are all stored in an electronic medical record (EMR) and stored in the cloud to share with the patient upon request. 

Drchrono calles it “the first wearable health record” which doesn’t make much sense if you dissect the language but it does sound cool. However, not everyone is so sanguine about the application.

Dr. Bill J. Metaxas, a podiatrist based in San Francisco, warned fellow physicians to take precautions before using Glass, such as obtaining patient consent and “locking down security settings.” He also said Glass is no more or less secure than tablet devices such as the iPad, which are routinely used in clinical practices. Metaxas, who uses Glass in the operating room and in patient consultations, said 99 percent of his patients agree to the gadget, but it is still early days and most of his fellow physicians have yet to adopt the technology. It is primarily used by the “bleeding edge” minority, he added.