Dropbox Acquires Stealth Messaging Startup Droptalk

Droptalk was only in a limited beta but that didn’t stop it from getting acquired. The company is producing a Chrome extension that would allow users to share links privately with friends. The idea was to follow up with the usual iOS and Android mobile versions later. Nothing public, and nothing that had any attraction.

So, maybe Dropbox like owning another DropX company. Or maybe they saw something in the way Droptalk integrates with cloud storage, allowing users to engage with shared file folders, updating and adding files and letting friends in on the action. So, Dropbox now owns a company that adds messaging to could storage. Which means that Droptalk was designed in every way to be an easy acquisition for Dropbox both in name and function.

Droptalk was founded around a year ago by a team of ex-Facebook and LinkedIn engineers who wanted to change the way people communicated with each other and got work done, the company explains in a blog post announcing their acquisition. The idea, like many others that have come before, was to attack the “work email” problem not by reinventing the inbox, but offering better tools for sharing and communication so you didn’t have to lean on email quite so much.