Pillow Top Mattresses – your Best Bet Against Back Pain

Are you struggling to get a good amount of sleep during the night? Are you sleeping on an old mattress? If your answers to both the questions are yes, then you should try to solve your lack of sleep dilemma by replacing the mattress.

When you have trouble in getting proper sleep, then the first thing you need to do is to check your old mattress. Most of the time, replacing your old mattress with a brand new mattress solves your problem. But, when buying new mattresses, you need to make sure it gives you that extra comfort and padding that was missing in your old mattress.

Why a Pillow Top Mattress?

If you go to the market to buy a mattress, you will be confused about what to buy as there are many different varieties of mattresses available. You can also check out www.bestmattress-brand.org for unbiased information about mattresses. Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can choose one. If you are looking for a mattress that gives you utmost comfort and at the same time is affordable, then a pillow mattress is the right choice.

A pillow top mattress is specifically designed to give extra comfort and softness. A pillow top mattress comes with extra upholstery layer and foam at the top. This ensures to give the much needed comfort that you are missing when sleeping at night. A pillow top mattress will make you feel like there is a pillow kept at the top of your mattress. The foam used inside the pillow mattress is normally used for making soft pillows that are specifically used for small babies.

5 Benefits of Pillow Top Mattresses that make it the Preferred Choice

  • Durable: A pillow top mattress is not only comfortable to sleep on but also durable. The pillow top mattress contains specially made springs that are capable of holding the foam well. Along with memory foam, wool, latex foam, feathers and polyester foam are used to make durable and everlasting pillow top mattresses.
  • Reduces Pain: Due to extra cushioning provided in a pillow top mattress, you get additional support to your back, hips and shoulders. It relieves the pain in the pressure points on your back and helps in reducing pain. If you are someone with a history of aches and pains, especially while getting up from the bed, a pillow top mattress is the right choice.
  • Extra Softness: The main benefit of a pillow top mattress is the extra softness it provides to the person who is lying on it. If you are a back sleeper then pillow top mattress provides you that extra comfort to your back. Even though the additional layer of foam that is present in the pillow top mattress gives it a firm look, the selling point of the mattress is definitely the extra softness it gives. There is no need of using any additional pads to support your back, when you are using a pillow top mattress. By lying on the mattress, you can get a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Stays in Place: If you are someone who has the habit of moving and turning around while sleeping, then the pillow top mattress is the right option. Pillow top mattresses are designed in such a way that they can absorb your movement and stay firmly in one place even when you move from one side to another. When sleeping with your partner, a pillow top mattress does not cause any disturbance to you when your partner changes sides or moves from one position to another.
  • Best for Overweight Persons: An overweight person always struggles to sleep on a firm bed. Pillow top mattresses are specifically designed to suit their needs and hence considered as overweight friendly mattresses.


If you are looking out for a luxurious, extra comfort, durable mattress with all the benefits discussed above, then it would be worth investing in a pillow top mattress.