Old School Marketing Still Relevant For Online Businesses

Boosting your online business is extremely easy, especially if you take advantage of certain marketing tactics, designed specifically for online business promotions. These tactics are not new – they have been in existence for several years now, and still have a lot of credibility and relevance even in today’s day and age. Today, we are going to talk about the age-old marketing tactics that can still be successfully used for the purpose of online business promotion. Read on to find out more.

Issuance of discount codes and coupons

In earlier times, consumers used to cut coupons from newspapers and magazines to use them for discounts and offers at physical stores and retailers. You would be surprised to know that bonus coupons and codes are still used nowadays as effective marketing and business promotion tools. The only aspect that has changed is the availability of these coupons – they can only be found online nowadays. You only need to find a coupon or a code, enter it during checkout, and enjoy a decent amount of discount or an exclusive offer. The biggest example here can be a Bet365 Bonus Code in the UK, which allows card players to register for playing poker with exclusive starting bonuses.

There is a very smart reason behind discount coupons and codes are still so popular even today. Discount coupons make people feel special, because they think that they are getting exclusive access to a deal that might help them to save big bucks on their shopping endeavours. When someone buys something, and that too with a decent discount, that feeling is extremely unique and special, and hence, the popularity of these coupon codes. This also helps them to remember the site they shopped from, and even tell their friends about it.

Email marketing as a wonderful marketing tool

The age of internet brought us the concept of email marketing more than a decade ago. And even today, after so many years, email marketing is only growing stronger almost every day. Many new-age promoters believe that email marketing is almost out the door, with new-age marketing concepts slowly occupying a major market share. But this thought process is not correct in any way.

In all actuality, email marketing continues to be one of the prime marketing media used even today, even for promoting online businesses. Most online business marketers and owners use a traditional mailing list to reach out to existing and prospective clients. Sending new offers to clients, telling them about milestones the business has achieved, or any new product that is soon to be launched, becomes a whole lot easier when email marketing campaigns are in place.

Using free gifts and samples as marketing tools

Many physical companies used to give out free gifts and samples once, with the purpose to draw in consumers who still had not used said product. The same concept is even followed today, especially by online businesses. Many business owners make it a point to arrange for free samples and gifts for existing or new consumers, so as to keep them brand loyal, or attract them to their brand, respectively.

Offering freebies to clients is usually done with the expectation to get something back in return. Businesses usually give out free samples and free gifts to get back a client’s business or account in return. Although an age old concept, this still plays a vital role in efficient business promotion.