How To Setup An Outdoor Cannabis Crop For Better Yield?

Cannabis can be grown outdoors, efficiently, even if you reside in cold regions. Growing outdoors in sunny parts of your yard is a far more easier than planting them indoors.

How to set an outdoor marijuana crop?

Buy Strains

  • Outdoor cultivation cannabis seeds are specially bred
  • These strains need less time to reach flowering stage
  • Cannabis strains are more resistant to moisture and mould

Start in spring

  • Marijuana plant will grow all through the spring season, and in the first two weeks of summers
  • The female plant growth slows down, as it focuses on flowering

Germinating cannabis seeds

  • Plant seeds twice the number of plants you need to grow because some may be male plants and a few may not germinate at all
  • Baby marijuana get eaten by snails
  • They can hardly bear the humidity and cold
  • Keep the pots inside and when they grow big enough, place them outside
  • You can allow them to grow in pots or plant them into the ground, directly


  • Choose proper growing location like a garden, terrace or balcony
  • Standing water nearby can poison local aquifer, so select the crop area ten paces away from it
  • Clear the weeds, if any and plant marijuana seeds in the exposed earth you dug or fill pot with growing medium
  • Planting in pots allow you expose them to sunlight as and when needed

Growing medium

  • Growing medium needs to hold adequate water
  • It is recommended to use 50% potting soil, 15% vermiculite, 10% guano and 25% peat
  • Add beneficial insects like worms to the pot. They keep the growing medium loose and airy by pushing itself around

Allow plant to grow

  • Plants are now ready to do all the work
  • More sun means faster growth
  • Water them regularly and avoid overwatering
  • In 3 to 4 weeks use fertilizer

How to water?

  • Cannabis needs moisture and in case there is no rain then water it regularly
  • Moisten the growing medium up to one inch starting from the first pot
  • As you finish moistening the last pot, the water in the first pot will get absorbed, so water it once again
  • This allows to moisten the medium gently, a lot of water can damage the roots

How to use fertilizer?

  • Fertilizer selected needs to be plant food like tomato fertilizer
  • Follow dosage recommendation strictly
  • Overuse can kill or harm the plant growth
  • Watch them daily and if you see leaves turning yellowish or light-green add fertilizer

Remove males

  • Male marijuana has low THC level
  • Their buds are not tasty
  • If you don’t remove them the females get pollinated
  • Pollinated females concentrate in developing seeds ignoring the buds growth
  • Ultimately harvest decreases

How to identify male marijuana?

Young male buds look like balls. There are 50% male and 50% female. Remove all the males and in 2 to 4 months, it will be time to harvest. You can visit to learn more about cannabis growing techniques. You can even learn about simple ways to harvest a mature marijuana plant without damaging its branches. Enjoy your fruitful yield!